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Exclusive Benefits

Why is Ecoparcel Cheaper?

Ecoparcel has been in business for years. Over that time, we have created strong relationships with multiple couriers to offer cheap shipping. We constantly work on lowering operating costs while improving customer service so that when you send parcel with Ecoparcel, you get the best possible price.

But remember, cheap parcel delivery doesn't mean late arrivals or damaged packaging. On the contrary, we take special care to ensure every package sent via Ecoparcel arrives on time. We strive to save you money while providing the best possible experience.

One of the main reasons Ecoparcel can outperform the competition is that it implements advanced technology that reduces downtime, overhead costs, and staff.

Lastly, our Eco-conscious business model reduces costs, which means you benefit by getting the cheapest prices on sending a parcel in Europe and abroad. The world is always expanding, and we are at the forefront to ensure you are not paying more than you should.

How does Ecoparcel work?

Ecoparcel connects clients looking to post a parcel with courier companies across Europe and the globe. Whether you are a business sending regular orders or just want to send a care package home to your loved ones, EcoParcel has you covered.

The process to deliver parcels is simple. Our interactive and simple-to-use platform allows you to send a parcel in a matter of minutes. Enter the country you are shipping from, your destination, and the parcel weight and dimensions. In a few seconds, you will get offers from our courier partners with specific delivery times, prices, and any additional information needed.

We believe in transparent and honest communication with no hidden fees. This way, you can choose the best option based on price, distance, size, and urgency. By facilitating a simple, secure way to ship parcels, Ecoparcel saves you time, money and the stress of contacting each courier separately.

International Parcel Shipping

Looking for cheap international shipping? EcoParcel is the way to go. Our partnerships with DPD, GLS, UPS, and more make sending parcels to Europe incredibly simple. We offer multiple incentives and offers to ensure you get the best price.

Our attention to detail has helped us become one of Europe’s best parcel delivery platforms. Our job is to get your Parcel from A to B in a timely, safe, and reasonably priced manner. International parcel shipping is not an easy feat, especially in the fast-moving world of logistics. But with the right connections and infrastructure, sending a parcel internationally is a breeze.

EcoParcel is a leader in international shipping because we understand the challenges of the job. Luckily, our partner network and simplified platform offer you convenience, efficiency, and your fingertips. Remember, sending a parcel internationally can be a stressful process.

However, with EcoParcel, it doesn't have to be. We handle everything from pickup, label creation, tracking, and delivery. We even offer €100 insurance free of charge!


How To Choose The Best Shipping Option?

Choosing the best shipping option ensures your parcel reaches its destination on time and within budget. Our services are available to the general public and businesses of all sizes.

Cost is one of the top influencing factors of shipping a parcel. Luckily, EcoParcel has cheap parcel services that allow you to send a package internationally at the lowest price. Our platform shows pricing options from all the top courier companies.

Speed or urgency is another factor to consider when choosing the best shipping option. Some parcels do need to be delivered as soon as possible. For example, important documents that must be signed ASAP often require overnight shipping. Ecoparcel offers the option to send packages in as little as one business day for an added fee.

Lastly, the size of the parcel can impact the shipping option. Different carriers have different weight restrictions and size limits. Checking their requirements versus the competition will allow you to choose the best shipping option without additional surcharges.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Parcel?

International parcel delivery varies by destination. The longer the distance, the more time it will take to deliver a package. In some cases, mailing a parcel can take 1-3 days, whereas a parcel that has to cross Europe can take upwards of 6 days.

Customs processes in certain countries can take days. This aspect is not something the courier company or EcoParcel can control. The good news is that sending parcels to Europe from another EU country is much more relaxed as opposed to sending a parcel to a non-EU country.

Another factor that can impact delivery times is the shipping method. Standard delivery is the most common option and might vary slightly from one courier to another. For time-sensitive parcels, EcoParcel offers express shipping at an added cost.

For more information, please enter your information here and get a custom quote.

How Do I Weigh And Measure My Parcel?

Measuring and weighing a package is the best way to get an accurate quote. Start by measuring the overall dimensions of the parcel. Once everything is packed and secured, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the height, length, and width.

With this information, you can enter the details in the EcoParcel platform. Please note that the measurements are to be centimetres. This information is critical to send packages internationally at the best price.

Weight is the last measurement you need to get an accurate shipping price. A digital scale is recommended for the most accurate weight. For light packages, a kitchen scale will suffice. But for bigger parcels, EcoParcel recommends a bathroom or luggage scale. Remember, the weight and measurements of the parcel will directly impact the final price.

Why Choose Ecoparcel As Business Client?

Ecoparcel is your perfect business partner for national and international cheap parcel services. We offer multiple benefits, including special prices and discounts for our loyal business clients. Our platform seamlessly integrates with eBay, Shopify, Etsy and other popular E-commerce websites.

On top of that, EcoParcer offers streamlined services that help save you time. You can easily import order information from your database and use custom order templates for a personalised and unique customer delivery experience.

Our customer service department is always available to provide up-to-date information on order status, tracking and delivery information. This attention to detail has helped us become a top choice for business owners looking to ship parcels across Europe since 2010.