Parcel too big for shipping - Ecoparcel

You don't know what to do?

Here's some tips:
  • You can place an order containing up to 1000 parcels. For example: Pack 3 parcels weighing 30 kg, instead of 1 weighing 90 kg.
  • In some countries the maximum weight per parcel is 50kg, whereas in others it's 30kg. Please check the availability by trying out different weights on the homepage.
  • As it is pretty hard to pack a heavy parcel properly, we recommend to send several separate parcels instead of a single heavy one!

What is Volumetric weight (chargeable weight) ?

Please follow this link to find out maximum dimensions per parcel.

Please try to take as much time as possible on packaging and securing your belongings or goods properly. 95% of damages are caused by the lack of secure packing.

We hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.