Send parcel to Sweden

  • Fast deliveries at low prices.
  • Parcels get a €100 free of insurence!
  • Send up to 50kg per parcel on selected services.
  • Sweden's road spans a total of over 38,653km!
AT 3kg | 4 - 6 days 20.43€ SE
BE 3kg | 4 - 6 days 20.70€ SE
BG 3kg | 5 - 7 days 19.30€ SE
HR 2kg | 3 - 5 days 13.63€ SE
CZ 3kg | 4 - 6 days 20.46€ SE
DK 3kg | 2 - 4 days 19.68€ SE
EE 3kg | 3 - 5 days 22.61€ SE
FI 3kg | 2 - 4 days 24.18€ SE
FR 3kg | 4 - 6 days 22.30€ SE
DE 3kg | 2 - 4 days 20.50€ SE
GR 3kg | 6 - 8 days 23.61€ SE
HU 3kg | 4 - 6 days 18.89€ SE
IE 3kg | 4 - 6 days 28.73€ SE
IT 3kg | 3 - 5 days 23.19€ SE
LV 3kg | 3 - 5 days 22.18€ SE
LT 3kg | 4 - 6 days 21.61€ SE
LU 3kg | 4 - 6 days 20.84€ SE
NL 3kg | 3 - 5 days 20.39€ SE
PL 3kg | 2 - 4 days 20.31€ SE
PT 1kg | 3 - 5 days 13.49€ SE
RO 3kg | 4 - 6 days 21.50€ SE
SK 3kg | 3 - 5 days 19.44€ SE
SI 3kg | 3 - 5 days 21.45€ SE
ES 3kg | 4 - 6 days 24.10€ SE
SE 1000kg | 1 - 3 days 180.00€ SE
GB 1kg | 3 - 5 days 16.82€ SE


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Courier services to Sweden from €11.99

Sweden has long been one of the strongest economies in Europe, acting as an important trade partner for its fellow EU members as well as other entities.

Neighboring Norway to the North and West, Finland to the East and having a bridge that connects them to Denmark, the country is without a doubt in a good position to contribute to a hefty amount of goods exchanged internationally.

Our Couriers Partners

Why choose EcoParcel parcel delivery service?

As online trade has grown massively in recent years, the need for rapid as well as efficient delivery services has also gained prominence. Being a courier company, we know exactly where the industry is heading towards, so as a result of that we at EcoParcel are offering the best all-rounder service for sending a parcel to Sweden.

If you're looking for partners for your business or personal parcel deliveries, consider us and get a quote today!

Anyway, here are further details about parcel delivery to Sweden from EcoParcel.

Send a parcel to Sweden from just €11.99

When it comes to the exact pricing of your parcel, it all comes down to the offer that you choose from one of our courier partners. Usually, you'll have the option to choose either standard delivery or an express option, depending on whether or not speed is important to you.

Express variants will be a tad bit expensive, however, they will make sure to complete your deliveries at a faster rate. Standard ones will be a bit slower, but can be a great way to save some cash, if you're not in a hurry.

The average parcel to Sweden price with us is around €11.99.

An insurance coverage for every parcel up to €100

Another huge benefit of sending with EcoParcel is that every parcel receives a free insurance coverage up to €100. That means that even the smallest parcels are successfully covered.

However, we understand that businesses will often send items that are valued much higher than that, so if that's the case for you, consider purchasing additional coverage to protect your package.

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How long does it take for a delivery to Sweden to be complete?

Again, the time for a delivery to be complete depends on the parcel shipping type you choose from one of our courier partners. Express parcel delivery options will be completed sooner, however, that will result in a bigger price tag. Meanwhile, standard deliveries will be slower, but at the same time, cheaper.

With our courier partners, the average time for a parcel to reach Sweden is around 1-3 days.

It's important to mention that on special occasions (like the holiday season), some couriers offer special discounts for shipments to bigger Swedish cities. This may result in both a good price and a fast delivery time, so keep on the lookout if you're planning to send something during this time period.

Limitations for weight of a single parcel

If you send parcels on the regular, you know fully well that there are limits imposed for the maximum weight allowed on a single parcel. For those that don't know, here's a reminder. One can send a parcel weighing either 30 or 50 kg at the max, depending on what a courier allows.

While not a huge concern for private shipments, knowing about the limits might be useful for businesses that often send items that weigh much more than that. A possible solution to this would be to simply split the shipment in order to stay within the limit.

For example - a parcel weighing 130 kg could be split up into three parcels of 50 + 50 + 30 kg, or five 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 10 kg if that works better for you.

Check on a parcel to Sweden at any time

Parcel tracking has long been a standard feature within the shipping industry as people prefer to receive the latest info on their shipment, whenever they want to. To do this when sending with EcoParcel, simply enter your tracking ID on our website and you'll see the latest information.

It's important to note, however, that sometimes updates aren't immediate after your parcel has been picked up. This is due to the fact that most of our courier partners scan each incoming shipment by hand, which can take longer on days with heavy traffic. First updates should appear within 24 hours.

What if I still don't see anything after 24hrs?

In that case, something indeed might be wrong with your parcel. Be sure to immediately contact our support team.

Swedish customs regulations for parcels

Sending a parcel to Sweden from the EU

For parcels being imported from other EU member states, customs regulations are much more relaxed than normal. Apart from a typical checkup upon arrival, you won't be requested any additional notices or documentation.

Sending a parcel to Sweden from the UK

Since the United Kingdom's official leave from the union, the trade relationship between the two parties has been a bit more complex. Nowadays every parcel coming from the UK is treated as of foreign origin, which does mean a more complex procedure upon leave from the UK and arrival in Sweden in terms of check ups and documentation.

Things you can and cannot send to Sweden

When it comes to items you're allowed to import, Sweden has a clear set of rules of what is restricted and not restricted.

Before you place a quote on our website, make sure that none of your items are forbidden from being sent to Sweden.

We share the most common list of goods.

For more details and what parcels can be imported to Sweden, you might need to visit our internal page in the help section, from the main menu.

Courier we consider important colleagues

Here at EcoParcel we believe in a clear set of values that we think contributes to the success of a courier service. One of the key parts of any company is having a good team of partners that one can rely upon at any time.

Some of the world class couriers we work with include:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Bartolini
  • DB Schenker
  • UPS
  • DPD
  • GLS

and many others.

In order to complete your request to complete your request for a parcel to Sweden placement, all you need to do is of course, visit our website and you should be good to go.

Customs duty for parcel delivery to Sweden

If your parcel is from the EU

Since Sweden has been a member of the European Union for a while now, standard customs procedure follows for every imported parcel. This means just a typical check upon arrival without any need for extra documentation or any special customs duty.

If your parcel is from the UK

For parcel senders from the UK, additional customs duty will be required after arriving in Sweden. This is because after Brexit, items from the UK are considered of foreign origin in the EU. Additional documentation will be required from UK institutions as well.

More things to know about Sweden as a country

Sweden is a country that while isn't the last on my traveler's list, we still feel is quite underrated when it comes to business or casual visits.

It's amazing cities and historical legacy, paired with very friendly people, should be one of the top priorities for many. So, the next time you plan on heading to Scandinavia, consider the country.

Anyway, here's some more things about Sweden to know.

  • Population (as of 2021 census): around 10,4 million
  • Capital city: Stockholm
  • Official name: Sweden or Kingdom of Sweden
  • Form of government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, democracy
  • Official language: Swedish
  • Dominant religion: Christianity 66%

All in all

Today we've briefly talked about what shipments to Sweden are with EcoParcel. For those that are looking for the best business or private option, consider us and request a quote today.

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