ITELLA Courier Services: Parcel Shipping, Send Parcels and Tracking


All Ecoparcel partners are time tested and reliable couriers, which is important when you want to be sure your parcel will get to its destination. ITELLA 's history began in 1638 when it was created as Finland's national postal service. It has since developed into a parcel-delivery service. ITELLA now offers parcel delivery services throughout Europe and other countries in addition to export and import services to and from Finland. ITELLA does this with another world-known carrier, GLS.

Ecoparcel helps you book European deliveries. If you're looking for cheap European delivery services and you don't need express delivery-you can book ITELLA services here on Ecoparcel. Save time & money by comparing ITELLA prices with those of other carriers.

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Tracking Your Itella Parcel

Are you planning to send a large package to a European country? ITELLA's maximum and minimum measurements allowed are bigger than for other couriers. The maximum measurements allowed for parcels travelling in European countries are up to 200 x 80 x 60 cm. When you send a parcel using ITELLA, you pay for its weight only. The price doesn't depend on the size of your parcel.

ITELLA already provides a possibility to track your parcel online - when you order ITELLA delivery services, you will get a unique parcel tracking number, which you can Quick Quote tool to get a price for your parcel. When you use Ecoparcel's ITELLA shipping services, you can expect to receive a high-quality service at a competitive price.

ITELLA Parcel Shipping Services

You can get your parcels delivered to you on the day after ordering, but only if it's Monday-Saturday and excluding major public holidays. The customer can choose the delivery time (9 am to 5 pm or 5 pm to 9 pm) and request that the goods arrive at work or home.

The client will receive an SMS notification on the morning of parcel delivery. The courier calls the client before delivering the parcel.

If the courier can't deliver the parcel to the client in one attempt, the courier will try again at another time. If needed, the client can select a destination for the parcel instead of having the parcel delivered to their front door.

ITELLA Collect on Delivery Service and Parcel Lockers

Collect on delivery means that the client pays for the shipping service only after the parcels are delivered.

This is an add-on service that requires a fee for processing each payment. The cost is €0.96 + 1.5% of the transaction, depending on which country the payment is made in (Estonia or Finland). VAT is included in these service fees.

Smartpost Lockers

  • Packages stored in Smartpost lockers won't get wet or damaged
  • Most malls have a number of parcel lockers that you can use to collect your packages
  • Lockers are emptied on weekdays as well as weekends, 7 days a week
  • Parcel lockers geographically cover most of Scandinavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia

At Ecoparcel we don’t like to give you the extra hassle, so our innovative solution combines the security of a courier service with the efficiency of a postal service. Smartpost is a revolutionary service offering cost-savings, convenience and security for businesses that ship via couriers such as ITELLA. Send shipments easily, safely, quickly and at a reasonable cost using Ecoparcel.

The recipient can pay for the products when they are delivered, depending on the delivery method chosen. The couriers will only accept card payments. There are two methods of payment for parcel lockers, depending on the type of parcel locker:

  • For a parcel sent to a blue locker, the collect on delivery payment can be made at the locker using a bank card.
  • When you send a package to a black locker, the collect on delivery payment can be made at an Eesti Maksekeskus payment centre, which is located in Smartpost's partner post offices. You have the option to pay using your regular bank account, or to use a credit or debit card.

Ordering a Courier to Collect the Parcels

Couriers can be ordered to collect packages from offices or warehouses. Orders placed before 12 p.m. will be collected on the same day in Tallinn and Harju County, and upon agreement collected from other places in Estonia. Please get in touch with us for additional information and a free quote.

This is an additional service, with added fees, for you, our valued business friends.

ITELLA Packaging and Labeling of Goods on Pallets

Please Remember The Following When Packaging Goods On Pallets:

  • Please make sure that the goods don't hang over the edge of the pallet.
  • To ensure that the goods do not move during shipping, it is important to make maximum use of the pallet capacity.
  • Different types of materials should be used to secure the goods to the pallet (plastic film, plastic and metal packaging bands, etc).
  • The units at the bottom must be able to sustain the pressure of the packages at the top, and the pallet's stability must be assured at all stages of the transportation chain.
  • As a rule, it is convenient to use various auxiliary materials: all kinds of foam, special cardboard inserts, as well as anti-slip and moisture-absorbing papers.

Tracking ITELLA Packages

Anyone can track their package if they have an ITELLA tracking number. Typically, you will receive it when you complete your shipment registration. If you're buying something and want to track it, you should get the seller's ITELLA tracking code. Using this code you can track the package by entering the tracking number on our tracking page.

FAQ: ITELLA Courier Services: Parcel Shipping and Tracking

What should I do if the client's contact information is incorrect?

If the parcel has been posted and you know that Smartpost ITELLA is responsible for the delivery, please contact our customer service. Please provide us with the tracking code of the parcel and assigned contact information on our website.

How does international parcel delivery work?

Parcels may be sent to the nearest parcel terminal or delivered to the client by a courier.

What should I do if I receive a package that is damaged?

If you're concerned about your parcel arriving in a state that it's not supposed to be, make sure you take pictures when it arrives. To get compensation for damaged goods, report a claim here.

At what times does a courier pick up?

Pick-up times may vary by region, but you can expect parcels to be picked up between 9am and 9pm.

When I need information, who should I call or write to?

You can get in touch with us by calling +44 20 7277 2000 or sending an email to [email protected]

Send parcel with Itella

  • Shipping from Spain
  • Send from Italy
  • Parcel from Ireland
  • Shipping from Germany
  • Courier from France
  • Sending from Hungary
  • Courier from Denmark
  • Sending from Sweden
  • Pack from Netherlands
  • Package from Romania

Send parcel with Itella

  • Shipping from Belgium
  • Send from Slovakia
  • Parcel from Czech Republic
  • Shipping from Slovakia
  • Courier from Slovenia
  • Sending from Croatia
  • Courier from Finland
  • Sending from Austria
  • Pack from Lithuania
  • Package from Latvia