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Italy is the second best-performing country in Europe in domestic mail traffic. And over 81% of Italian online shoppers state that fast and flexible delivery options are important. However, local Italian courier services do not always provide a reliable parcel delivery from Italy to another European country.

Luckily, dozens of inexpensive international door-to-door couriers available are ready to take great care of every eCommerce business and private person package.

With just a few clicks of a button through Ecoparcel’s system, you can get a quote on all available options and send parcel from Italy without the hassle of traditional postal services.

How Ecoparcel Works?
From To Price Weight Est. Delivery Type Service
Italy Austria 11.40€ 3kg 1 - 3 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Belgium 12.09€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Bulgaria 15.44€ 3kg 4 - 6 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Croatia 12.84€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Czech Republic 12.28€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Denmark 13.31€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Estonia 15.69€ 3kg 4 - 6 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Finland 17.80€ 3kg 4 - 6 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy France 13.46€ 3kg 1 - 3 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Germany 11.74€ 3kg 1 - 3 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Greece 16.69€ 3kg 5 - 7 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Hungary 12.43€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Ireland 20.45€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Italy 10.44€ 30kg 1 - 2 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Latvia 15.25€ 3kg 4 - 6 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Lithuania 12.98€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Luxembourg 13.91€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Netherlands 12.08€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Poland 11.36€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Portugal 12.83€ 3kg 4 - 6 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Romania 15.60€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Slovakia 12.78€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Slovenia 14.53€ 3kg 1 - 3 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Spain 14.99€ 3kg 2 - 4 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
Italy Sweden 18.19€ 3kg 3 - 5 days Parcel Collection -> Delivery
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Parcel Delivery From Italy

If you are a business owner or want to send out a parcel to your friends and family abroad, you know that sending parcel from Italy can get costly!

Ecoparcel offers a worry-free way to send parcel from Italy to countries throughout Europe. By choosing to deliver a package with us, you are eligible for a number of benefits other delivery platforms don't provide:

  • Free-of-charge insurance for up to 100 euros
  • Real-time tracking
  • Label-free delivery options
  • Customer Support, even on weekends

Whether you have a parcel to deliver to another city in Italy or want to send goods to another country in Europe, choose Ecoparcel for fast, reliable and affordable services. One easy-to-use platform gathers dozens of international and local courier companies to help you save money and send parcel from Italy completely hassle-free.

EcoTrack feature will help you to track parcel from Italy to the final destination country and forget extra costs for parcel delivery!

Even if you are looking for budget parcel delivery from Italy and prefer post services due to more affordable prices, Ecoparcel partnered up with a list of the most affordable and trustworthy door-to-door courier companies that will offer you not only budget-friendly but also a fast way to send a parcel!

Choose delivery partners trusted by thousands of people in Italy and worldwide!


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The Cheapest Way to Send Parcel From Italy

Keeping the delivery costs the lowest possible is important for every small or medium business and individual. But, by choosing the cheapest option, you don't want to compromise the delivery time or get a message that your package was damaged.

When it comes to sending parcel from Italy, many factors influence the delivery price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to send a package, Ecoparcel is your go-to platform!

What are the key factors that influence the price of the package delivery?

  • Parcel size - the bigger the package is, the more expensive delivery can get
  • Weight of a package
  • The destination country
  • Delivery time preferences
  • The value of the contents

And a number of other factors might increase delivery prices a few times if you send parcel from Italy using a native courier company.

However, Ecoparcel platform can help you save time wasted browsing through different courier companies' websites and get a quote from dozens of couriers available, guaranteeing the best price in just a few clicks.

Regardless of the package dimensions or weight, you can order an affordable and trustworthy parcel delivery from Italy.

The days when door-to-door courier delivery services were expensive are over - now everyone can send parcel from Italy to more than 24 Europe countries with next-day delivery options!

Browse through all of the available courier partners on Ecoparcel's platform, choose a budget-friendly option and always stay updated about the package's location with the free-of-charge EcoTrack feature.

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How Much Does It Cost to Send a Parcel From Italy?

When sending parcels from Italy directly through the courier website, you should consider factors like parcel dimensions, weight, preferred delivery option, and country of destination that could significantly increase the delivery price. And those extras like parcel insurance, tracked or next-day delivery could also add up to 200 euros to the final delivery price!

Luckily, Ecoparcel offers you a way to save. By ordering a parcel delivery through our platform you are getting free parcel insurance for up to 100 euros, real-time parcel tracking code, and exclusive discounts for the most popular next-day door-to-door delivery options.

Whether you need to send parcel from Italy with non-standard dimensions or deliver just a letter, you can get a quote and view all the available delivery options.

All you need to do is enter parcel dimensions, weight, your and recipient's address, and our trusted delivery partners will take care of the delivery.

Ecoparcel allows you to save time and money without compromising the delivery quality. Local and international courier companies, trusted by thousands of customers, offer you door-to-door shipping.

Within a blink of an eye, get all available delivery options and easily send parcel from Italy to more than 24 countries throughout Europe without leaving your home.

By getting a quote through Ecoparcel's platform, you receive all of the best courier delivery options, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and stay sure about a fair price.

We are on a mission to offer you an affordable way to send parcel from Italy!

How to Send a Parcel From Italy?

Individuals or businesses have a range of delivery services available to send parcel from Italy to 24 Europe countries. However, some door-to-door courier companies might become pricey if the sender prefers tracked or next-day delivery.

Sending parcel from Italy doesn't have to be complicated when you are choosing a delivery platform trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

To help you save time on searching for an available courier to take your package, Ecoparcel offers a platform that allows you to browse and compare all best-rated local and international courier services that will take care of your shipping needs, from door to door.

Instead of browsing through different companies' websites and manually entering the parcel's information on each website, use Ecoparcel. Just a few easy steps and you are ready to choose the best shipping option available:

  • Enter package's dimensions
  • Enter package's weight
  • Choose the country you are shipping from
  • Select destination country

After a few seconds, you will be presented with a number of door-to-door delivery options. You will also see the estimated delivery time, parcel collection time and other useful information to help you get your package on the road as soon as possible.

Most of our partners offer a label-free delivery option, so you won't need to worry about printing the label for your parcel as it will be taken care of.

When choosing to send parcel from Italy with Ecoparcel, you will receive a code allowing you to track parcel from Italy to the final destination country without additional fees.

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Things to Know Before You Send a Parcel From Italy

There are factors to consider when sending a parcel from Italy to another country, whether yo're a business or an individual sending a package of your country's goods to friends abroad.

Sending parcels to another country can be challenging - from worrying about the delivery cost, shipping times, country-specific regulations. That sounds like a lot of homework before sending a package!

When using Ecoparcel, you can forget the hassle of manually searching for the best delivery prices, checking delivery times and printing labels. Together with our trusted international and local courier partners, we are bringing you a new, smarter way to send a parcel from Italy.

After entering your package information into Ecoparcel's platform, you can view all available shipping methods, conveniently sorted by popularity, delivery times and prices.

So all you need to do before sending parcel from Italy is double-check the destination country-specific restrictions and regulations and take care of durable packaging. Here are a few tips when you are packing the goods to ship abroad:

  • Choose boxes suitable for your items without too much unnecessary space in the package.
  • Wrap individual items in bubble wrap if they are fragile and easy to break.
  • Use the right sealing material - if you want to send a package abroad, choose plastic tape instead of the paper one.
How Long Does a Parcel Take From Italy?

Depending on various factors, delivery times can be different for every country. So when you are planning to send parcel from Italy, you should know what influences the estimated delivery time. We have gathered essential information about the delivery times.

When you are sending parcel from Italy abroad through Ecoparcel's platform, you can choose from different delivery options. Depending on your preferred shipping option, you can select next-day or express delivery without paying extra. Some door-to-door couriers might take 2-3 or 5-7 working days to deliver your parcel.

Using Ecoparcel to get your package abroad, you are also getting a code that helps you track parcel from Italy to the recipient's address in real-time, staying updated about changes in estimated delivery time.

If you have chosen to deliver your parcel with standard shipping, it can take 4 to 5 business days for the package to reach its final destination.

Express delivery option normally takes 2 to 3 working days for the recipient to receive the package.

It's important to note that courier companies have different operating hours, with some not collecting or delivering parcels on weekends. The pandemic has stretched the standard delivery times, so you could encounter delays in some countries.

And you should also double-check if the destination country has no public holidays, which might prolong your parcel's journey by one to two business days.