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  • Fast deliveries at low prices.
  • Parcels get a €100 free of insurence!
  • Send up to 50kg per parcel on selected services.
AT 3kg | 2 - 4 days 14.98€ NL
BE 3kg | 1 - 3 days 15.25€ NL
BG 3kg | 5 - 7 days 15.00€ NL
HR 2kg | 3 - 5 days 8.78€ NL
CZ 3kg | 2 - 4 days 15.01€ NL
DK 3kg | 2 - 4 days 14.14€ NL
EE 3kg | 4 - 6 days 17.16€ NL
FI 3kg | 3 - 5 days 18.73€ NL
FR 3kg | 2 - 4 days 14.81€ NL
DE 3kg | 1 - 3 days 15.05€ NL
GR 3kg | 6 - 8 days 16.95€ NL
HU 3kg | 3 - 5 days 14.46€ NL
IE 3kg | 3 - 5 days 23.36€ NL
IT 3kg | 2 - 4 days 17.08€ NL
LV 3kg | 3 - 5 days 16.73€ NL
LT 3kg | 3 - 5 days 13.95€ NL
LU 3kg | 1 - 3 days 15.39€ NL
NL 1000kg | 1 - 3 days 72.00€ NL
PL 3kg | 1 - 3 days 12.61€ NL
PT 1kg | 3 - 5 days 8.20€ NL
RO 3kg | 3 - 5 days 16.76€ NL
SK 3kg | 2 - 4 days 14.76€ NL
SI 3kg | 2 - 4 days 16.00€ NL
ES 1kg | 3 - 5 days 14.98€ NL
SE 3kg | 2 - 4 days 16.16€ NL
GB 1kg | 3 - 5 days 12.73€ NL


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Courier services to Netherlands from €11.99

The Netherlands are a small country that's part of the Western European region. Sharing its borders with Germany to the East, Belgium to the South, as well as maritime borders with those countries plus the UK, the country is in a wonderful position in terms of international trade.

With the rise of online delivery in recent years, especially in the face of the recent pandemic, the demand for competent parcel delivery services that can provide both businesses or private senders with optimal shipping time and reliability has grown immensely.

Our Couriers

Why choose EcoParcel parcel delivery service?

As a courier company ourselves we're fully aware of the changing landscaping in terms of the shipping industry. We also know that even though there are more shipping companies than ever, not many can provide clients with the appropriate overall service.

We at EcoParcel can provide that. We are offering the most efficient parcel to the Netherlands delivery service. If you're looking for a shipping partner, consider us and get a quote today!

Below we discuss the features of our service.

Send Parcel to the Netherlands from €11.99

It's not surprising that price is often the main factor by which people choose a courier. With EcoParcel we offer competent prices for parcels to the Netherlands delivery starting from just €11.99.

Of course, the exact price of the shipping service will depend on what offer you select from one of our partners.

Standard delivery options are a great way to save some money as they're cheaper than express ones, meanwhile faster options while do come with a heftier price, prioritize your shipment in terms of speed.

It's also important to note that during the holiday seasons, couriers often have discounts and special offers when sending to major cities in The Netherlands. Keep this in mind to send a parcel to the Netherlands both for a cheap price as well as a great delivery time.

Average parcel to Netherlands delivery time

You can expect an average parcel to Netherlands delivery time of 1-3 days when sending with us. Just like mentioned in the pricing section, however, the exact delivery time will depend on your selected offer.

Priority shipping is more expensive, but will be completed faster, meanwhile standard ones are cheap, but a bit slower.

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Do we offer free parcel insurance?

Yes we do. Protecting your shipment from its starting point to the destination country is our highest priority and because of that, we are offering our clients a free parcel insurance coverage plan worth €100.

This means that even if you're sending something cheap and small, you will get coverage if something were to happen to your shipment.

This means that even if you're sending something cheap and small, you will get coverage if something were to happen to your shipment.

Track your parcel delivery to Netherlands progress with our tracking tool

Shipment tracking is no longer an optional feature, but a standard benefit that every courier must offer to their clients. With EcoParcel, you have the ability to track your shipment from anywhere in the world. Simply enter the shipment ID on our website and you should see the latest updates.

Since our courier scans each incoming package by hand, it should be noted that sometimes updates may be a bit slower, but take no longer than 24 hours to appear.

If you still don't see anything after that period of time, contact our support team as there indeed might be some issues with your parcel.

What items are allowed for shipping to the Netherlands?

As other EU countries do, the Netherlands have a strict rulebook in terms of what can and cannot be imported to the country. For businesses, this is often a huge concern as they need to properly plan their shipments ahead.

Below we discuss the common types of items that are either allowed or disallowed for sending.

Types of items you can send

In order for your parcel to be accepted, they must be properly packaged in a box container.

  • Food items packaged and having a long shelf life
  • Musical instruments of any kind
  • Automotive parts

Please check a each couriers restricted items list.

Types of items you can't send

  • Items or materials deemed toxic or harmful
  • Materials that can cause serious damage to the environment
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Liquids that are over 1 litre in volume

Be sure to study the full list of items from our help section in the main menu, before placing your quote.

What's the maximum you can send in one parcel?

Another concern for senders is the weight allowed for one parcel. This depends on the courier company you're sending with, but you can safely expect a 30 to 50 weight limit.

Another concern for senders is the weight allowed for one parcel. This depends on the courier company you're sending with, but you can safely expect a 30 to 50 weight limit.

We suggest splitting your parcel into multiple ones. Let's say something you're sending weighs around 140kg. You can split that into 3 parcels of 50 + 50 + 40 kg or 5 parcels 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 10 depending on the maximum allowed.

While it will be a bit more expensive, you can be sure that there won't be any issues in terms of weight.

Customs information for a parcel to Netherlands

Of course, we also need to mention the customs duty for parcels to the country. In terms of that, you should know that parcels from the EU can travel with far less restrictions than from other countries.

We discuss this below.

Sending a parcel to Netherlands from the EU

If you are sending a package from another EU member state, no customs duty apart from a typical check up is required. No additional documentation is needed as well.

Sending a parcel from the UK to the Netherlands

For UK shippers, things are a bit more complicated. Since the implementation of Brexit rules, imports to the Netherlands from the UK are considered of foreign origin. This means more documentation as well as additional customs checkups.

For more information, check out our help section.

Additional things to keep in mind about the Netherlands

We believe that the Netherlands is a popular destination for travelers as it is. The roaring nightlife, beautiful cities and extremely friendly and tolerant people is what makes it such an attractive destination, especially for the younger generation.

Still, if you haven't seen Eindhoven, Amsterdam, or any other gems in the country, we strongly recommend doing so for your next holiday journey.

Finally, here are some general facts about the Netherlands.

  • Population (as of 2020 census): around 17,6 million
  • Capital city: Amsterdam
  • Official name: the Netherlands or Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Form of government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, democracy
  • Official language: Dutch
  • Dominant religion: No religion (Atheism) 54%

In conclusion

Here we talked about what it's like to send a parcel to the Netherlands with EcoParcel. Be sure to get a quote from us if you're looking for a reliable partner you can trust for your personal or business shipments.