DHL: Local, International, Express Freight Shipping Services


DHL is one of the world's leaders in international shipping services, delivering goods to over 220 countries and territories. This means that they can virtually reach any country in the world. DHL provides a variety of logistics services involving document and package shipping, freight transport, and supply chain management.

A number of our partners, including DHL and other respected carriers, provide services such as drop-off points, package lockers, and shipping quotes.

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Drop-off locations for e-commerce and private shippers with DHL

If you're shipping internationally, DHL has collection and drop-off stations in every country in Europe plus a number of other countries. In-Person DHL Service drop-off Points allow customers to pick up a freshly made shipping label and drop off their parcel. DHL drop-off locations are very beneficial for e-commerce. They are increasingly being used by shops owners who have found a way to use the drop-off points to their advantage.

DHL parcel lockers – How do they work?

For even greater convenience, the DHL parcel lockers enable customers to pick up their parcels at any time of the day. The DHL parcel locker is located at service points and other sites throughout major cities so that goods can be delivered without the hassle of the consignee not being home, allowing DHL to provide a safe and reliable delivery service.

DHL Express Shipping Services

DHL offers the DHL Express shipping option, which is a premium shipping service you can use for domestic or international shipments.

DHL is the global market leader in express delivery, operating in 220 countries. Your goods will be delivered within a specific time range if you choose express delivery.

This delivery option is preferred by many online consumers since it allows them to know when to anticipate their shipment and lowers the number of failed delivery attempts.

Why should you use DHL as your carrier, what are the terms and conditions, and how does this shipping option work via Ecoparcel? We'll happily explain it to you so you can take advantage of it.

DHL Provides On Demand Delivery for All Your Express Shipments

With DHL On Demand Delivery, your customer has the option of choosing how they would like to receive their parcel once you have shipped it.

Within a minute of the shipment being handed over to DHL Express, your customer will be notified by SMS and/or email with a link to their On Demand Delivery system.

The customer can now choose how to receive their package: at home or another location, on a different day and more. This way, you can add value for your customer without making an extra investment.

DHL Express Next Day Delivery Before 9am

Wouldn’t it be great to receive your parcel as soon as you’ve clicked the order button? DHL Express Domestic before 9 am is an interesting solution for time-sensitive deliveries.

DHL's first delivery attempt is guaranteed to be completed before 9 am the next business day, unless the recipient is not available to open the door. This is a domestic shipping option and It offers several additional benefits:

  1. Useful for products that must be transported extremely quickly, such as perishable goods
  2. Time-specific delivery
  3. Pick-up in the late afternoon and delivery in the morning
  4. Real-time tracking
  5. Additional measures for priority shipments

DHL Express vs. DHL Parcel

Unlike other freight forwarding companies, DHL Parcel and DHL Express are separate companies owned by the same parent company. DHL offers a variety of international express services, which means they can provide their customers with the most convenient delivery options. The differences between the companies are shown in the table below.

DHL Express

  1. Domestic deliveries will be made the following morning
  2. Global service
  3. Fastest worldwide delivery
  4. 30-70 kg
  5. No pallet shipments

DHL Parcel

  1. Domestic deliveries are made the next day
  2. European service
  3. The duration of delivery is dependent by destination maximum 20 kg
  4. Pallet shipment possible at an additional rate

Benefits of using DHL Express via Ecoparcel

Because people have different preferences when it comes to the delivery of their purchases, the best checkouts should include more than one shipping option. That's why you can combine various shipping options from Ecoparcel, which will help you find the most cost-effective shipping solution for your online store. Because of this, you are able to satisfy demanding consumers both domestically and internationally. Express deliveries are an additional checkout option that allows your customers to choose the speed of shipping during checkout. As a result of increased success, it cuts the chance of any lost parcel.

You can also offer your consumers a choice during checkout and guarantee fast delivery, internationally. Here are the advantages for you:

  1. Fastest possible express delivery worldwide
  2. Domestic shipments are delivered the next working day before 9 a.m. and between 9 a.m. and lunchtime
  3. For international shipments, delivery by the end of the first available business day is guaranteed
  4. Premium shipping option
  5. SMS tracking
  6. Free pick-up
  7. Fully automated sending via Ecoparcel
  8. Affordable additional insurance via Ecoparcel Insurance
  9. With On Demand Delivery, you provide more value to your clients

DHL Express is the fastest option on the market for global shipments. The delivery time depends on how fast they can get your package from one place to another.

FAQ: DHL Local, International, Express Freight Shipping Services

Will my shipment be assigned a DHL tracking number?

Yes, for all of your DHL shipments, whether it's a parcel, pallet or a freight, you will receive a unique tracking number, which will allow you to track every stage of your shipment. When using Ecoparcel's delivery platform, you can track your package by using the DHL tracking number.

Is DHL able to assist with customs brokerage for international shipments?

Yes, when you use DHL to ship internationally, you also get customs brokerage services, where DHL will act as an intermediary between the shipper and the customs authorities for sorting out duties and taxes for you. All that is needed from you is to send the necessary documents requested by DHL for your customs procedures and pay any customs expenses if it is applicable.

Does DHL xray packages?

When shipping from one EU member state to another, DHL may not x-ray all packages since the shipment is within a trade-free zone. Leakage, smell and damage to the parcel are usually the first signs that your package might contain something illegal. However, for international shipping, please note that every package is scanned, either by DHL or a customs official.

How much does DHL cost for international shipping?

Does DHL offer a shipping price calculator? DHL only provides shipping calculator for certain services and popular locations. If you'd like to know how much it costs to ship a package with DHL or other couriers internationally, you can use our booking tool to find out! We will provide you with a shipping quote instantly.

Can I ship a bike, a kite, or other sports equipment with DHL?

Does DHL offer a shipping price calculator? DHL shipping services can be used to ship a bicycle and a variety of other sporting equipment, even though they do not offer solutions specialised for transporting sports equipment. Many customers choose to disassemble their bikes and pack the parts in a box according to our instructions. We offer you the best quote for getting your bike shipped across a continent!

Send parcel with DHL

  • Shipping from Spain
  • Send from Italy
  • Parcel from Ireland
  • Shipping from Germany
  • Courier from France
  • Sending from Hungary
  • Courier from Denmark
  • Sending from Sweden
  • Pack from Netherlands
  • Package from Romania

Shipping with DHL

  • Shipping from Belgium
  • Send from Slovakia
  • Parcel from Czech Republic
  • Shipping from Slovakia
  • Courier from Slovenia
  • Sending from Croatia
  • Courier from Finland
  • Sending from Austria
  • Pack from Lithuania
  • Package from Latvia