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Written by Ecoparcel August 25, 2022

As autumn approaches, more students are getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Whether it starts in another city or abroad, moving is never easy. Still, some tips can make the transition less worrying, like a handy items checklist or student discounts when you need to send items to your new apartment.

Taking Only What Is Needed

Students might want to take their favorite blanket, photos from home, and even some cutlery, but it's important to remember that they should leave all unnecessary items right at their parent's home.

Once you start taking things that won't make good use, you will clutter your new space with items, and sometimes that can make your settling rather complicated.

Make a student going away list of the most needed items before putting everything into boxes so that you won't forget the essentials and won't have to spend money on buying something that you left back home.

We know there could be a lot of sentimental items that you would want to take to your new space, but sometimes decorative accessories like a floor lamp, massive carpet, or a plant can make it hard for you to live comfortably.

Plan your future living space wisely and avoid overcrowding it with items that will take your whole room.

A Handy Items Checklist

Here are the items students should be taking with them when moving:

  • Passport and key documents

  • Home comforts like bedsheets, pillows, and blankets.

  • Toiletry essentials like cosmetics, towels, and medication.

  • Clothes for all occasions, including comfy sweaters, pajamas, seasonal clothing, and something classy for special events!

  • Electrical items like laptop, charging cables, extension leads, and headphones

Feel free to add more items to your checklist, but don't forget that most university camps or apartment buildings might have taken care of some things like the most essential kitchen supplies. Make sure to double-check what else is needed with the apartment owner or university camp admin.

And in case you don't have a moving plan in place - you can send your items with couriers.

Choosing the Right Packing

Whether you are planning to move by yourself with a car or choosing trusted student courier services to help you out, it's important to use durable packaging for all your items.

The best option is to pack everything into cardboard boxes and secure them with adhesive tape. If items are easy to break, wrap them in bubble wrap and ensure that you don't leave any unnecessary space in the box.

If a student wants to send parcel that contains fragile items, it's important not to forget to inform the courier and put a 'Fragile' sticker on the box.

Use recyclable foam strips and plastic protectors for bigger items like musical instruments, bicycles, or sports equipment.

Pro tip: after organizing items into the boxes, don't forget to label every box, so you won't have to guess where your clothes are and where's that pan you are looking for!

Student Luggage - Take It or Leave It?

If your new journey takes place somewhere in another country, you probably want to take a few essentials with you when getting on an airplane, so in case the rest of your items that are in transit arrive later, you have some clothes and other handy items.

However, if the student is moving away from their parent's house to another city, luggage might only take up space in the new apartment, and all the items can be moved in boxes that can later be recycled.

Remember that you're likely to get more belongings while you're away at the university. So if you're fully packed on your way to your new place, you'll struggle to get everything packed when you change locations.

Use Courier Services to Help You Out With Student Delivery

You can use courier services to save time and money on gas going back and forth when moving. Most delivery companies offer discounts for students, so to send a parcel you don't have to spend a fortune!

Couriers will take the parcel from your doorstep and deliver it to your new address. When you send parcel through EcoParcel's platform, you also get insurance of up to 100 euros and a real-time tracking code, completely free of charge.

Have a great start! Spend your time wisely, and don't worry about moving your things. If you have done your packing homework, all the items will come safe, and you will be ready to kickstart your journey as a student!


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