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Written by Ecoparcel February 25, 2021

What is a domestic delivery?

All the innovations and technologies have created thousands of different ways to manage your business and shipping management is not an exception. Many different shipping methods were created to fulfil any customer’s needs. Today we will take a look into domestic delivery methods and explain to you when and why should you choose it.

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Domestic services

Domestic shipping is the process of shipping a parcel within a country’s borders. In other words, when you send your parcel from destination A to destination B within a country’s borders, you can call it domestic delivery.

Usually, this shipping method is very fast, and most of the well-known shipping carriers do it. The most exciting thing about this shipping method is that it has urgent shipping options, where your order can reach its recipient within a day.

Also, the delays in domestic shipping are very uncommon. Shipping rates depend on your parcel’s weight, size and the time when you need it to be delivered. It is important to follow the requirements, measure and weigh your parcel properly so that the information provided to the parcel delivery company is accurate and does not cause problems during the trip.

What are the domestic delivery options?

Domestic shipping has a few different methods, and some of them can ship your parcel really quickly. Also, your shipping fees are directly connected with your chosen shipping method. Time is money, so if you want your parcel to be delivered faster, you need to be prepared to pay more. Let’s mention a few of the most popular domestic delivery options:

Same-day Delivery

Same-day delivery is the fastest shipping method that can guarantee that your parcel will be delivered the same day it was sent. This shipping method is for urgent shipments, and some specific product categories, such as groceries, food or beverage. Usually, this is one of the most expensive shipping methods. So, often online businesses ask their customers to pay extra to have their same-day shipping.

Next Day Delivery

Next-day delivery is another revolutionary step for shipping management. This shipping method stands right after the same-day delivery. Next-day shipping allows you to receive goods the day after the courier collects them. Technically speaking, this delivery method does not guarantee that you will receive your purchase the day after you buy it. However, next-day delivery means that it will be shipped faster than with the standard 2-3 days delivery method. The shipping fee for this service basically depends on the shipping company that you choose. If you buy things online, you should know that some of the online stores won’t charge you for this delivery and ship it for free if your shopping cart seeks the right price limit.


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