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Written by Ecoparcel February 11, 2021

Great shipping services are essential for many people around the world. 

No matter whether you’re a business person sending important documents to your international partners or just a person that wants to impress their family or friends with a neat holiday gift - in all cases you’d prefer a cheap, reliable and fast delivery option.

If you look around the internet, there are many shipping methods and companies to choose from, depending on what you’re sending. It could be argued, however, that one delivery method stands out among them - parcel deliveries via courier.

In this article, we will give a few reasons why we believe that courier services such as EcoParcel are the best choice for those that are looking to send small packages in Europe.

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It’s one of the fastest options out there

One advantage of parcel delivery services is the time you can save by going with this option. The only things you have to worry about are a quote request from the courier (which requires a few clicks of a button) and preparing a parcel for delivery, all the rest will be taken care of by the courier.

At EcoParcel we offer door-to-door delivery services for all of our parcels, which essentially means that one of our partners will come to pick up your package by hand and deliver it the same way.

Instead of going through lengthy details, couriers have the most efficient routes worked out beforehand, even if you’re choosing to send something to another European country. All in all, it saves a lot of precious time for the customer.

Safety is one of the main priorities

Would you rather send something through a cheaper and slower method, but risk that your parcel will be delivered with little to no care? We think not. Courier companies, since they take care of everything by hand, will make sure that no damage is done to your time.

No matter whether you’re sending documents or a small gift to a friend, courier companies take care of every parcel with the utmost care. By the way, even if you’re sending a more valuable item, such companies will gladly provide insurance options to minimize the risk of damage or loss.

At EcoParcel, for example, we offer a free insurance of 100 euros by standard for all shipment, with also giving the ability to purchase additional coverage if your item is worth more than that.

Service accuracy

According to a study conducted by scientists of the shipping industry, a parcel courier has a delivery success rate of 97%, with other delivery methods not even coming close. 

Considering the fact that you also get free insurance for smaller items, it's not hard to see why this is a major advantage.

Like we already said, the only things that a customer has to concern themselves with is selecting the country that they want to send a shipment to and select the offer that best suits their needs. Since couriers offer reliability like no other, you can be sure that your parcel will reach its destination.

All in all

It's not hard to see why parcel delivery services with the help of couriers are growing in popularity for small packages shipping to Europe. A courier is a reliable, fast and safe option for a customer no matter what or where they’re sending something to


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