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Written by Ecoparcel May 29, 2021

Sending a parcel that’s fragile can be quite the headache regardless of whether you’re sending something to a friend or family member, or are sending products as a business to clients. 

To put it simply, there’s much more to consider here with things like packaging materials, placement and sturdiness coming into more prominent play. Since parcels move through different checkpoints, get loaded and unloaded numerous times, extra care is key if you want your parcel to be safely delivered and as intended.

Successful delivery of a fragile item largely depends on the way you prepare the package itself. In this article, we will talk about exactly this - tips you should follow to pack a fragile item the right way.

Smaller boxes for heavier items

If you’re planning to ship an item that’s pretty heavy, yet is fragile, it’s best to try to reduce the size of your box as much as possible. As your package gets moved around, you want as little movement inside happening as possible, to reduce possible chances of damage.

Plus, it will be much easier for those handling your package to load it and unload it in warehouse or cargo planes. Be sure to also stuff some padding inside for extra protection.

Avoid flimsy packages

Materials for your box also have to be taken into consideration. Naturally, the stronger your box is, the better. If before you even begin to pack, you feel that something about it just isn’t right and it feels too loose or flimsy, it's best to avoid it in general. 

Better be safe than sorry when it comes to your package.

Make the bottom of the box sturdier

Add extra layers of tape to the bottom of your box, so that there’s stronger support, thus preventing any bowing. The bottom of the package is the part which has to support all of the weight of your item, so it needs to be strong.

This is especially important if you’re shipping something that is heavier.

Add a player of protective materials to the bottom of the package

You’re free to use anything from foam, bubble wrap or packing paper to provide a vital cushion for your item at the bottom. This is again crucial to ensure the protection of the item you're sending.

After you place the layer, put the item inside and add another bunch of protection for empty spaces on top as well.

Use dividers if your sending glass

You can either purchase dividers specifically for cardboard boxes or purchase specialized boxes designed for glass item packaging. Dividers can be a crucial item that will help prevent any sliding around among other pieces in the box.

All in all

We’ve given a few essential tips for shipping out fragile items. Remember, extra care for safety can play a vital role ensuring that your items get shipped safely and the way they are intended.


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