DB Schenker: Logistic Services, Freight, Courier and Delivery Tracking


One of the most well-known logistics providers in Europe is DB Schenker. Their courier services are available in more than 40 countries, and they offer air freight and ocean freight routes to most destinations around the world. At Ecoparcel, we only work with the best courier companies in the world and have an extensive network of trusted international couriers, including DB Schenker. Our system will find the cheapest company which is in the best position to meet your needs, so Schenker may be chosen for your parcel delivery.

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DB Schenker Freight and Parcel courier Services

DB Schenker is the world's leading freight company, it uses its own extensive land transport network to deliver freight and cargo. The trucking company has a massive land transport network in Europe. If you're looking for services like LTL, FTL, or PTL logistics, Ecoparcel is here to help you.

When you need to ship palletized or non-palletized cargo , use the standard DB Schenker freight and LTL transport services. These DB Schenker freight services include:

  • "DB SCHENKERsystem Groupage" is the way to go If you want your goods to be delivered at a particular time-window, for shipments within Europe.
  • "DB SCHENKERsystem Premium" lets you book shipments ahead of time If you want cargo delivered before 10 am or 1 pm for selected routes.

The company also offers partial and full truckload packages (PTL and FTL) through its DB SCHENKER part-load and DB SCHENKER full-load services for partial and full tilt and vessel courier. Individuals and businesses can use these solutions to transport non-palletized or palletized shipments in Europe.

courier services by DB Schenker include both personal and business solutions. Although most people think of DB Schenker as a cargo courier company, the company also provides parcel courier services. With DB Schenker Parcel service, you can book shipments directly to your house that can consist of parcels up to 30kg across Europe.

DB Schenker delivers parcels between the hours of noon and 9 p.m. from Monday through Friday depending on the country of origin and destination and type of service. Most domestic deliveries are completed within 24-48 hours, with most international deliveries within Europe taking up to 3 to 10 business days.

DB Schenker Parcel Tracking

DB Schenker parcel tracking is incredibly simple to use. You have three choices for getting comprehensive information about your package's travels and status. The first is self-explanatory: go to the company's website. The second method is to install an application on your mobile device. The final but not least convenient option is to use the Ecoparcel.eu service. In all three situations, you must have your DB Schenker tracking number to get information about the location and status of your item.

Where can the DB Schenker tracking number be found?

When you book a delivery with DB Schenker, through Ecoparcel, you'll receive a tracking number by email, which allows you to track your shipment's progress. This DB Schenker tracking number lets you check to see where your DB Schenker shipment is located.

How does DB Schenker tracking services work?

When your parcel is scanned, the courier company updates the location. To see where your parcel is at, go on DB Schenker's tracking page and enter the tracking number. If you have booked a DB Schenker transportation or delivery service through our platform, you can use the provided tracking code to know exactly the status of your shipment.

FAQ: DB Schenker Logistic Services, Freight, courier and Delivery Tracking

What if there is a problem during the delivery with DB Schenker?

DB Schenker's tracking system provides information about the status of your parcel. For example, if a delivery attempt has failed and the parcel is taken to a DB Schenker collection point, you can see that in the system. If there is no update to the tracking number in a few days, please contact us as soon as possible and we will contact DB Schenker on your behalf.

What are DB Schenker collection points?

There are many places where you can pick up or drop off DB Schenker packages, like convenience stores, kiosks, or any shop you can imagine. The company is making it easier for people to do that by adding more of these places where they live and work.

Please note that some of the Ecoparcel services are door-to-door. This means that if you book a door-to-door service through our platform, the courier driver will pick up/deliver your items at the designated delivery address, without needing to pick up the shipment at a collection point.

Can I drop off my package at a DB Schenker collection point?

Whether you’re at your original address or a regional hub, the collection point will help you get your parcel to the destination of your choice. If you already have the courier label for a parcel, please bring your parcel to a DB Schenker collection point.

What are DB Schenker's delivery hours?

The delivery schedule of DB Schenker depends on the country of origin and destination, although you can expect weekday deliveries from as early as 9 am to as late as 9 pm in most European countries. If you want to get specific information about your delivery route, we recommend you check the details of that exact route. When you book with Ecoparcel, you can expect your parcel to be picked up between 8 am and 5 pm.

Where are the DB Schenker warehouses located?

DB Schenker provides warehousing options in most of the countries that they operate in, such as Germany and throughout Europe. To find your nearest DB Schenker warehouse, we suggest checking directly with the courier.

Do you need to store your shipment while booking the service? We have a solution for that. We will let you know about the most convenient storage facility according to your requirements while planning your shipment.

Where can I find the contact number of DB Schenker?

You can find the phone number of DB Schenker on their website. If you've chosen to use our delivery services, we'll contact the company and take care of all the necessary arrangements on your behalf. You can contact us any time on our website.

Do I need to print a courier label when I book a delivery with DB Schenker?

Yes. If a customer orders a package to be sent, DB Schenker will send them a courier label, via e-mail, that must be attached to the package. If you used the Ecoparcel service to book a shipment and your order was confirmed by DB Schenker, remember to check your email and also in your spam folder. It is essential to include the courier label in your shipment, because without it, the driver from DB Schenker will not pick up the shipment.

After making a booking with DB Schenker, will the courier driver call?

In the majority of cases, DB Schenker couriers will not call before collecting your parcel. We therefore strongly recommend that you are available at the collection address during the specified collection time.

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