Parcelforce: Parcel Delivery Services, Sending and Tracking Parcels


It's not a stretch to say that Parcelforce Worldwide is probably the most well-known and trusted parcel delivery service in the United Kingdom. As part of Royal Mail Group, this company has been around for over 25 years. Parcelforce will pick up and deliver your parcels through their hub-and-spoke collection system, which has 54 UK depots and international depots.

Parcelforce offers both domestic and international package delivery; they deliver more than 7 million packages every year to all corners of the world. Parcelforce covers the vast majority of the world and can deliver to 240 countries.


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Parcelforce Logistic Services, Cheap Parcel Delivery

When you want to save money on shipping with Parcelforce, look no further than Ecoparcel. We have the best delivery prices, but we don't just offer fast and cheap deliveries. We're also very flexible: you can pick up your parcels at the post office or set up a delivery to have it dropped off at home. Why wouldn't you book today?

Sending a parcel with Parcelforce is simple. Just bring your parcel to any local Post Office to get your package on its way. You can also drop off your package at a Parcelforce Worldwide depot.

Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup from your home or work address, where a Parcelforce courier can retrieve your parcel.

Parcelforce Fast Delivery Options

Parcelforce offers a number of flexible delivery services, including fast next day delivery, timed deliveries, and international services. There are several ways you can ship a parcel using Parcelforce, so it's important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are some of the services that Parcelforce offers:

Parcelforce Express 24 - Next Day Delivery

  • Deliveries will arrive within 24 hours to the majority of UK destinations (not guaranteed).
  • Maximum parcel weight of 30Kg.
  • The maximum length for parcels is 150cm, and the girth (or circumference) of your parcel cannot be any greater than 300cm.

Parcelforce Express 24 Large; Express 48 Large

  • If you need to ship a package but it's outside of the parameters of the standard Express services.
  • Please make sure that no item you want to send is longer than 250cm, and not more than 500cm in total circumference, if you want it sent with Parcelforce.
  • 24 or 48 hour delivery options.

Timed Drop Off Services

  • Fast and convenient service that means you don't have to wait in all day for your delivery.
  • Parcelforce will deliver your parcel before noon, before 10am or before 9am.

Parcelforce Euro Priority

  • Road freight service to Europe.
  • 2-4 working day delivery.

Parcelforce International - Global Priority

  • UK-based courier service which provides international mail services, which serves the majority of countries outside Europe.
  • Worldwide delivery might take up to 3 working days (not guaranteed).

Parcelforce Drop Off Points

Parcelforce provides over 11,000 drop-off locations throughout the United Kingdom, both in Post Office branches and within their own depots. In other words, Parcelforce makes it easy for customers to find a drop-off location that's nearest to them.

Cheapest Parcelforce's Shipping Quotes

We have chosen to work with Parcelforce in order to provide our customers with a reputable and affordable courier service. They offer all the same services as their competitors, but we have negotiated a special rate for all of our customers.

Parcelforce Track and Trace Tracking, Insurance Coverage

Parcelforce Package Tracking via Track and Trace

The Parcelforce tracking number allows you to track and trace your package's journey from the moment it leaves the warehouse to the moment it arrives at its destination. To track your package on a map enter your tracking number on our parcel tracking page.

Disruptions are rare shipping problems, but they can happen for various reasons. For example, if a virus is present at the point of origin, it can severely slow down shipping.

Parcelforce Insurance Cover

Parcelforce services usually come with an inclusive insurance of only €100, whereas extra coverage can be purchased from Ecoparcel for an additional fee.

Parcelforce Size and Weight Limits for Parcels

Maximum Weights

For sending within the UK you can send parcels up to 30kg. There's no limit on weight for sending more than one parcel, but each of them must not exceed 30kg. Like with most carriers, there are limits to the weight we can carry for international destinations.

Maximum Dimensions

For standard parcel delivery, parcels cannot be larger than 3 metres * 1.5 metres. If you want to send a large parcel, you can use the express48large service (a maximum of 4 metres in length and girth combined and 2.5 metres in length).

When Should I Use Parcelforce?

Parcelforce offer a range of shipping methods that have been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, no matter where they are sending a parcel within the UK or overseas.

Will Parcelforce Collect My Parcel?

Parcelforce will collect parcels from any address in the UK you specify. If you want your parcel to be collected, it's important to book a collection service.

Can I Drop My Parcel off to Parcelforce?

You can drop your parcel off at one of over 11,500 post offices, or any other place that displays Parcelforce stickers. Simply find your closest Post Office.

Can I Track My Parcelforce Delivery?

All your deliveries will be tracked and traced online, right from the moment you book until the moment it's delivered. Once you've booked your delivery, you'll get a unique tracking number that you can share with anyone who needs to stay updated on where their parcel is. And when your parcel arrives, you'll also get a proof of delivery.

How Much Can I Cover My Parcel For?

Parcelforce will automatically include £50 of cover with every booking, but they also give you the option to purchase additional coverage for a maximum of £1,000. There are certain items that aren't allowed on our services, so it's a good idea to check out a list of prohibited goods to ensure that your items will be covered.

Why should I book through Ecoparcel?

When you’re sending a fragile package, the last thing you need is stress. To help solve this problem, we have introduced Ecoparcel, an environmentally friendly way to protect and monitor your parcel. Ecoparcel's business model is based on customer satisfaction, not volume. We want to make your home delivery as easy and hassle-free as possible. That’s why our couriers will be with you whenever you need them. Our service never fails and we’re always a phone call away. We preserve the highest service standards while we look for ways to save you money while maintaining service quality.

Send parcel with Parcelforce

  • Shipping from Spain
  • Send from Italy
  • Parcel from Ireland
  • Shipping from Germany
  • Courier from France
  • Sending from Hungary
  • Courier from Denmark
  • Sending from Sweden
  • Pack from Netherlands
  • Package from Romania

Shipping with Parcelforce

  • Shipping from Belgium
  • Send from Slovakia
  • Parcel from Czech Republic
  • Shipping from Slovakia
  • Courier from Slovenia
  • Sending from Croatia
  • Courier from Finland
  • Sending from Austria
  • Pack from Lithuania
  • Package from Latvia