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Scris de Ecoparcel August 10, 2021

eCommerce Integrations

ECommerce integration is the linking of an eCommerce platform with various other channels and data management systems - shipping and forwarding, accounting, inventory management, CRM, etc. The software is usually connected using an application programming interface (API integration), so that the integrated systems share data seamlessly.

5 benefits of eCommerce integration

  1. Automated order entry: By integrating Shopify, eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce applications, businesses can eliminate manual and repetitive data entry, increasing the speed of data entry.
  2. Accurate inventory data: synchronisation of inventory data, real-time updates and pricing all speed up the exchange of data to make it more accurate than ever before.
  3. Automated customer notifications: in eCommerce, it's not just about sales, it's about the customers who buy your products. With integrations, customers know when you've sent an order and when the order will potentially reach the buyer. Integrations also often give you the opportunity to directly track a shipment and see its progress and stops along the way.
  4. Simplified pricing: price changes and product information updates are fast and accurate, as all data updates only need one update in one system.
  5. All your eCommerce platforms in one place: with Ecoparcel, you can see and manage all your eCommerce platforms in one place.

What is the shipping API?

API stands for "Application Programming Interface" - a set of codes that allow different platforms to work together. APIs allow merchants to connect multiple sales platforms to each other, transfer information from one software to another, and then present this data to the user in a single user interface.

Why are shipping APIs important for eCommerce?

No matter how easy and convenient e-commerce is, there is still a significant time lag between when a customer pays for an order and when they receive it. Merchants try to make sure that the shipping and delivery process is as painless as possible for the customer, which is why APIs are particularly important in e-commerce.

How does API work in eCommerce and shipping?

In eCommerce and order fulfilment, shipping API integration enables brands to integrate shipping services directly into their online stores, helping to streamline the ordering and delivery process.

Shipping APIs work "off-screen" and act as an intermediary between customers and couriers. The API is an integral part of creating a positive customer experience by helping to automate the most complex part of online retailing - the travel of goods.

Integration of eCommerce platforms with Ecoparcel

With Ecoparcel, you are sure to get the tools and services you need to make your job easier:

  1. Automatic creation of shipping labels and much faster fulfilment of each order.
  2. Automation and importing of orders placed through your eCommerce platform.
  3. Automation of stock replenishment and order execution.


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