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Geschreven door Ecoparcel juli 26, 2021

A "White-label" solution is usually a product or service produced by one company that is relabelled by other companies to make it look like it was produced by them. The name derives from the image of a white label on the packaging, which can be filled in with the company's branding. White label products are sold by retailers under their own brand, but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party.

How Opting For White Label Solutions Benefits Your Business

A "white label" refers to a fully supported product or service produced by one company and sold by another. The term usually refers to products or services that have been developed and approved by a company for sale to a business concern. Company B has the right to use the product or service under its own label.

In other words, the product developer removes its own brand and/or logo from the final product and replaces it with the buyer's preferred brand. Final products can be anything from consumer goods to business products or platforms.

The top 5 reasons to choose White Label Solution

  1. Ease of branding. Off-the-shelf products allow companies to focus on product branding rather than marketing research and development. Of course, it is necessary to have the right product knowledge, but you get the opportunity to avoid spending resources on factors that would not really make a difference in the market.
  2. Time and money. Product development is an expensive business. Setting up a separate team to develop and adapt products will require a significant financial outlay from the company. White-label software allows companies to bypass these major costs.
  3. Less risk. A larger organisation is exposed to more risk. By opting for White-label services, companies can transfer the risks associated with the entire product development process to third parties.
  4. Satisfied and happy customers. In the end, it's all about the customer. Customer satisfaction has a lot to do with how companies present their products and/or services.

What are the advantages of using White-label for young shipping companies?

By using a white-label solution, young parcel companies without much experience or finances immediately get the opportunity to grow twice as fast at twice the cost, as they get almost all the integrations they need for their business in one go, with wide-ranging visibility and the ability to work and grow fully at once. The white-label solution also comes with tried and tested features, such as integrations with popular shopping platforms (Shopify, Amazon, etc.), a shipping label system, without which shipping companies are harder to imagine, a sophisticated tracking system and many more. Interested? Contact the Ecoparcel team and make an offer.


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