DPD: Parcel Tracking, Local and International Express Shipping


DPD is a courier service that provides a 24/7 worldwide parcel delivery solution, dedicated to providing outstanding customer service by delivering from door-to-door.

Specifically dedicated to the delivery of parcels, they use a combination of their own fleet along with independent haulers and couriers, which isn’t available with regular delivery services. In addition to the excellent service and quick turnaround times associated with this courier network, DPD also provides same-day pick-up for emergency deliveries, courier bag tracking technology so you can track your parcel every step of the way, guaranteed next day on all business deliveries and flexible collection.

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Tracking Your DPD Parcel

DPD delivers parcel shipments in the United Kingdom, Europe, and internationally, as well as in all major commercial locations throughout the world. DPD is a major business-to-business parcel delivery service in Europe, integrating logistics, freight forwarding, and urgent mailing. It is also one of the most important urgent-delivery transportation providers in the United Kingdom.

DPD is Germany's second-largest package and time-sensitive logistics business, only behind DHL, a division of Deutsche Post. DPD is a part of GeoPost S.A., a global postal and logistics company owned by La Poste, which acquired it in 2001. In Germany, DPD presently employs 7500 individuals who operate in speedy package delivery, point-to-point express courier service, and freight forwarding.

DPD Track, Trace and Delivery

DPD's worldwide reach is only equaled by the richness of expertise of its courier fleet, which delivers more than 3 million items each day between 500 depots in 230 countries. DPD international and UK couriers are up to the challenge, whether you need to ship a parcel locally or across an ocean.

The DPD tracking is a step ahead of the competition. It gives its clients one-hour time periods in which to anticipate their packages to arrive. It's a no-cost bonus that assures you don't have to wait all day for your package to arrive.

Even better, DPD offers in-flight alternatives that allow you to postpone your delivery if you are unavailable within the scheduled delivery window. You may leave your package with a neighbor, at a safe area, or even have it delivered to a nearby drop shop for you to pick it up later.

DPD Europe Classic International Shipping

2-to-5-day shipping from the United Kingdom to Europe. You can have your item delivered in as little as 2 working days after pickup, depending on the country to which you're sending it.

DPD's award-winning tracking system allows you to follow your package online, and updates are available shortly after pickup.

DPD's comprehensive security measures, which include closed transit systems, guarantee that your products reach safely at their destination, allowing you to relax.

DPD Air Classic International Tracking

Air Classic is DPD Classic's European extension, connecting you to 230 countries worldwide. It's ideal for retailers seeking for a low-cost way to grow into new locations.

Air Classic will ensure that your international customers receive the best possible service. They'll have complete traceability as well as consumer notifications.

DPD Air Classic will provide you with the best delivery experience possible, along with tracking and alerts for both the sender and the receiver. It is highly important to include the recipient's phone number in the booking procedure since they will receive all notifications and will be able to make in-flight changes to their delivery, such as appointing a neighbor to collect the item if they are unavailable.

DPD Direct Parcel Shipping and Tracking Service

DPD DIRECT is the shipping option for international e-commerce businesses. Airfreight to over 30 countries, with delivery times ranging from three to eight days. Customs taxes and duties are calculated ahead of time. Customs processing is done electronically, and data is instantly transmitted to the destination country. Individual emails in the consignee's native language inform them of when their delivery will be made.

DPD DIRECT works closely with trusted partner companies for local deliveries, allowing you to take advantage of our time-tested logistics network.

DPD Classic International and Local Shipping

DPD CLASSIC is excellent if you want trustworthy, low-cost parcel delivery to European nations. The solution offers door-to-door parcel delivery in Europe and certain other specified countries. DPD parcels typically arrive at their destination within Europe in 1-9 days.

DPD's Classic shipping service is a dependable and cost-effective delivery method to 37 countries in Europe. Parcels weighing up to 31.5 kg and with a maximum diameter of 300 cm arrive within a few days. Please keep in mind that some islands and areas in Europe have extra fees. This is due to ferry transfer fees or difficult-to-reach areas.

DPD Express Shipping and Parcel Tracking

Express delivery from a single local distributor with consistent pricing is available. Deliveries are generally carried out the following working day in Europe. Delivery to international business districts often takes 1 to 3 days. Every step along the way, the online shipment status, including current shipping information, is being updated.

FAQ: DPD Parcel Tracking, Local and International Express Shipping

What should I do if my DPD tracking number is not working?

First, go to our dedicated parcel tracking page and read all of the essential information. It is critical to realize that tracking system updates will occur only when packages are scanned in local depots. However, if you notice no updates for more than 48 hours or your DPD tracking number returns an error (which frequently occurs due to the use of a mixture of digits and letters that do not form the tracking number itself), please contact us and we will advise you on the next steps to take.

What does DPD missed delivery mean?

If a courier arrives at a delivery address and finds that no one is present to accept the goods, DPD's tracking system will show a missed delivery. In such occurrences, the courier would generally try to deliver the item again the next working day. Alternatively, you may negotiate directly with DPD to pick up the goods at the DPD local depot.

What is the meaning of DPD in transit?

When you check the parcel status in the tracking tool, you will be able to see how it changes while your shipment is carried. The phrase "DPD in transit" might be confusing since it does not always indicate that your item is in the van; it could be in one of the DPD international depots waiting to be delivered to the end point of destination. You anticipate that a parcel will arrive on a specific date based on the path of your shipment. However, if the status of your package stays ‘in transit' for a longer period of time than expected, we highly encourage you to contact our staff to discuss the exact meaning of “DPD in transit” in your situation, and we will figure out what took place.

Will I receive a DPD tracking number if I book through Ecoparcel?

Yes. If you acquired a service with Ecoparcel and the shipping company assigned to you is DPD, you will receive a DPD tracking number for each item dispatched. The DPD tracking number will be included in the confirmation e-mail that we will send you. To check the status of a package dispatched by DPD, just use our tracking feature or go straight to the DPD website.

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