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Delays/Restricted Areas due to COVID-19

Deliveries may be slightly delayed due to the special screening measures put in place or put on hold by the relevant local authorities as deliveries and collections are not possible in several areas.
Please find more information here on what municipalities inhibited due to operational problems.

Why my parcel was not collected?

First of all, we are very sorry if this happened, according to the statistics, more than 92% of parcels are collected without any problems every day. 

There might be several reasons why parcel was not collected, usually, the address supplied is not fully specified or is in the closed territory, so courier cannot access it.

Thus, bad weather, accidents, road closures and heavy traffic can all affect a courier’s route and their ability to collect orders in the time.


If courier failed to collect, please open a new ticket, we will reschedule collection for a next working day.