Best ways to save money when shipping

Pack smart

These days you can find many different options for the box you want to ship something in custom printing, distinctive design, fancy material and so many more exceptions. However, the good news is that you can choose a simple box suitable for shipments and decorate it yourself.

Also, there is a chance to get a custom sizing box that could make a big difference when it comes to shipping costs. If your box is too large and there is plenty of unnecessary space inside, you will have to pay for the extra space in the van. As well as for the extra space in the van, you will also need to pay for your damaged goods that had too much space in your oversized box.

In exceptional cases, you can try to reuse an already used box, but only if it is completely intact, there are no misleading drawings or stickers on it, the edges are neat and not torn.

Choose the right parcel shipment company

It can be a challenging question: which company should I choose so that I do not have pity and have the opportunity to save some money? As the choice of shipping companies is quite large, it is important not to rush and choose wisely. Ecoparcel is fast and reliable parcel delivery company that offers best prices, best shipping time and best customer services. It takes only a minute to book a quote, also, we offer €5 discount for the first order. Get more information about our free insurance.

Be prepared for the pick-up

Make sure your freight is ready before scheduling a pickup. Since all couriers work at a very busy pace, once you have booked a quote for your shipment, you need to be prepared so that the courier doesn’t have to wait, you don’t have to postpone the pick-up date and no one needs to search your parcel in all warehouses. It can happen if your box is not packed on time, you forgot to stick a label, you forgot the exact pick-up time and the courier did not find you at home or you left your parcel unattended without any note. All of these little things require additional costs for both you and the company that sends your parcel.

Purchase packaging in bulk

Think smart: if you send a few boxes at a time, you can negotiate a much lower price this way. For this reason, Ecoparcel offers many features and bonuses for merchants, who send more boxes at once. With Ecoparcel, it is possible to import order information from the database (excel) and create templates to avoid re-entering details. Also, there will be some news on Ecoparcel coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Use the advantage of increasing Cashback. Choose Ecoparcel

Cashback is a system that returns an increasing percentage of your money back to your Eco balance after you place orders. This way, you can use the money that was returned to you when paying for your future parcel shipment services. Find out more about the Cashback system on our F.A.Q. page.

Seek for free insurance (Ecoparcel)

Most of our services come with €100 of free cover so there is no need to pay extra when you choose a reliable parcel shipping company. You can also purchase additional cover if you're sending items with a higher value. However, we first recommend making sure that this insurance is really necessary and that it is worth paying extra for it.