Refund policy

In general

1.1 Refunds can be made only to the payee.

1.2 Money will be reversed only to the same account which was used to top up balance or pay for an order.
(e.g. If you are paying by PayPal, money will be refunded back to your PayPal)

1.3 Refund will not be issued if delivery was late/parcel was returned due to the fault of the consignor/consignee.

1.4 To receive a refund, please contact customer support, the request will be checked and issued within 24 hours.

1.5 It takes 1-7 working days for the refunded money to appear on payee's PayPal/bank account.

Payments made via Payment Card.

2.1 Money can be refunded to Payment Card within 3 months after the purchase, after that, money will be left in a balance to spend.

Payments made via PayPal

3.1 If the order was made using PayPal, money will be refunded back to PayPal account.

3.2 Money can be refunded to PayPal within 1 month after the purchase, after that, money will be left in a balance to spend.

Compensation for losses/damages

4.1 Shipper has to evaluate the maximum value of the parcel and it is mandatory to state it in the order.

4.2 Each parcel is insured by €100/€300 (depends on the service bought).

4.3 To receive a compensation, proof of purchase (e.g. invoices/receipts/documents) has to be supplied, otherwise, claim procedure will NOT be started, and no compensation will be made.

4.4 Compensation amount depends on proof of purchase, insured amount and maximum set value per parcel (which was stated in the order).

4.5 Customer can receive insured amount only if maximum parcel value was set the same or higher, the otherwise amount which indicated as the maximum value of parcel will be compensated.

4.6 Items which are listed as a restricted items will not receive any compensation, even if all needed documents will be supplied.

If you have additional questions, please contact customer support.