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Autor Ecoparcel Srpanj 26, 2021

The market for light industrial products has recently shown promising growth. This particular market has seen particularly strong growth in both imports and exports over the last few years, which has led to the rapid shipment of clothing to all European countries. 

The Clothing Industry and Ecoparcel

Over the last few years, Ecoparcel has become one of the most trusted names for the transport of clothing industry goods and fashion accessories throughout Europe, especially in this field, having established itself in 8 countries with more than 10 clothing companies. Based on the feedback from these customers, Ecoparcel has helped improve turnover by almost 30% in less than half a year of cooperation. We offer the best shipping services for men's, women's and children's garments as well as for other garment industry products. Ecoparcel has over the last few years started to rapidly improve the process of shipping garment industry goods between all European countries and enables traders to send their products to the right place without much hassle: Ecoparcel takes care of everything that usually takes the most time. 

Fast and cheap Door-to-Door delivery

While most European parcel companies present themselves as the most reliable option for industries such as fashion or clothing, we can assure you that Ecoparcel can take care of your shipments with double the responsibility. With many years of experience in handling a wide range of parcels to and from 24 European countries, Ecoparcel offers private shippers and larger traders convenient parcel services with cost-effective solutions. In addition to working with the best and most reliable courier companies such as ASM, BRT, Parcelforce, DB Schenker, DPD, GLS and Itella, we provide reliable customer support.

How does Ecoparcel benefit business customers?

Whether you are a small business garment manufacturer and supplier or a large-scale company looking for the best shipping solutions across Europe, Ecoparcel can be your best working tool to avoid unnecessary hassle. We'll help you easily expand your business into new markets, taking your products to any European country safely, quickly and affordably. For business customers, we can offer convenient, cheap and fast parcel delivery. 

Why do customers choose Ecoparcel?

Simply, because Ecoparcel offers:

  1. Fast delivery throughout Europe
  2. Convenient parcel tracking for you and your customers
  3. Convenient parcel returns

Packing and preparation of clothing for dispatch

Parcel shipping abroad: How do I pack my parcel?

To pack and ship clothes properly (so they reach their destination in perfect condition), before you book a garment shipping service, make sure that all your clothes are well protected. Knowing how to pack your clothes to be sent abroad is crucial to ensure the safety of your shipment.

  1. Fold the clothes to be sent as tightly as possible to save space in the box - do not roll the clothes into a bundle, but fold them on top of each other;
  2. If necessary, and in order to fit more clothes in one box, clothes can be placed in vacuum bags to save space and preserve the quality of the clothes;
  3. When ready to ship, place the clothes in the correct size box. The box should be neither too big nor too small. Choosing the right size box will reduce the chances of the travelling box being torn or otherwise damaged.
  4. Before closing the box, fill any remaining gaps not filled by the items in the box with loose packing pellets, and wrap individual items of clothing such as belts or pins in bubble wrap
  5. Seal the box securely and tightly if required by the parcel company, stick the label provided on the box and wait for the courier to arrive.


What is the cheapest way to deliver clothes by courier?

The cheapest and best way to send clothes to other European countries is:

  1. Choosing the right parcel company that not only offers low prices but also fast delivery and responsible customer service. By choosing Ecoparcel, you will save almost 20% of your costs, as the Ecoparcel team has selected the best prices and offers extremely punctual delivery throughout Europe. 
  2. Order standard parcel shipping for European routes
  3. Pack your parcel properly. For example, items that take up less space can be packed in a smaller, tailored box without wasting valuable space. It will also mean that you will use less material for the packaging itself, which will further reduce costs.

Whether you are a retailer looking to save costs by sending multiple parcels of clothes to customers, or a private shipper sending clothes as a gift or to a holiday destination, choose Ecoparcel's services and benefit from the lowest prices on the market.



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