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Autor Ecoparcel Srpanj 26, 2021

Returning goods to Amazon is not complicated and is a relatively straightforward process. All you have to do is print the shipping label using your Amazon account, prepare the package so it can be safely shipped, securely attach the existing label to the outside of the parcel box, and ship it!

Always check Amazon's full return policy before returning an item, as this is subject to change, as provided by Amazon staff themselves. As a reminder, the main things to consider when returning parcels to are:

  1. Use Amazon Online Returns. In this case, it will be very easy and quick to return the goods you have purchased.
  2. If possible, use the Amazon packaging in which your purchase arrived, but remember to check and make sure that the box is still in perfect condition. If the original Amazon box is no longer usable, use a new box with thicker walls and write the name and order number of the person who ordered the item on the outside of the box.
  3. Amazon will only pay the cost of returning the item if it is returned due to an Amazon error. Otherwise, the return costs will be charged to the sender. Please note that these rules are subject to change, so we strongly recommend that you re-read them before returning your item.

Returning International Amazon Packages

Is it necessary to return Amazon products in their original packaging?

It is not necessary to return the product in its original packaging, but if you decide to return the product to Amazon, you must make sure that it is packaged in such a way as to protect it from damage during the entire journey. If the returned Amazon product is not packed properly, it may arrive at its destination damaged and sellers may ask you to pay for the damage.

How do I safely pack, prepare and ship my parcel?

To prepare your parcel for dispatch, you should put all the Amazon documents that come with your return request in the box with the item. Use a sturdy box with extra internal packing, and use shipping padding such as bubble wrap, loose packing pellets, or newspaper, then make sure the label is properly, securely attached to the outside of the box. Once you've done all the steps, you can wait in peace for the courier to arrive!

How do I choose the right courier company for Amazon returns?

If you do decide to use a courier service, make sure you have the correct address and other shipping information, and choose a courier company that can offer you a tracking function so that you can follow your return until it reaches its destination and returns to Amazon.

Amazon Refunds

Usually, by the time your item travels to the returns centre, Amazon will immediately start preparing your refund, which can take up to 2-3 weeks, but the majority of refunds are issued within 3-5 days after your parcel reaches Amazon.


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