Main reasons for delayed delivery

Late shipment is a very annoying and unfortunate thing that almost everyone tends to complain about. Such situations occur not only for small companies but even for those familiar to Royal Mail, Hermes, DHL or any other, however, sometimes the cause of the problem is the parcel delivery company but the sender.

Each sender should take responsibility and look more carefully to see if his or her parcel meets all the requirements.

So here are some important points to keep in mind to avoid delays and get your parcel delivered on time.

Avoiding delivery delays

  • NUMBER 1.The address on the label is incorrect
  • Although the courier usually leaves a note for the client, whenever a parcel is delivered to the wrong address or to an address that is incomplete or unclear, a new delivery attempt will not be made unless the customer provides all the necessary details. This usually takes extra time as the courier carries many other items that need to be delivered on the same day. For additional information, please click here or, if you did enter the address but it is not working, read why.

  • NUMBER 2. The order form is completed incorrectly
  • You need to be very concentrated when filling in the order form for booking shipping services through intermediate booking platforms. Incorrectly completed order form or a field left blank can also cause delayed delivery and cause difficulties. Most importantly, do not mix up a street number and the number of your doors.

  • NUMBER 3.Difficult access to the delivery point
  • Sometimes the sender forgets to give the much-needed information to the courier. For example, the door code is forgotten and the access to the door is not properly described makes it difficult to contact you, otherwise, the courier will leave and a new delivery attempt will be scheduled for another date.

  • NUMBER 4.There is no doorbell at the delivery point
  • Luckily, our pets can be very protective of our home sometimes. However, it can be a quite serious issue for the courier, especially if you do not have a doorbell or the doorbell does not work properly. Also if you live in a share house, it might be inconvenient to reach you just by knocking the doors since the sound might not be loud enough.

  • NUMBER 5.Bad weather conditions
  • Bad weather conditions such as very strong storm, heavy rain, snowstorms and even heavy fog. This often causes a great deal of trouble and inconvenience to drivers as it affects driving conditions that become dangerous. In bad weather, couriers may have to stop at the sidewalk and wait for the weather to change, bad weather can also block roads, slow down traffic and cause a delayed delivery.

    To find out why your specific shipment was delayed, please track your shipment. The full journey of your parcel will be displayed in your tracking history, including information on any delays that may have occurred. Keep in mind, that delay does not count during the weekends because long haul lorries usually do not operate during this time.