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Can courier call me before collection/delivery?
Please note that due to the economy class services we provide (which allows us to offer you such low prices), the courier may not be able to call you before he arrives.
Can I send a suitcase?
Yes, you can send suitcase but please know that all parcels have to be packed properly to be handled by mechanical sorting conveyors and it has to be protected. If you are sending a suitcase, we recommend it to wrap it in bubble wrap and put it into the box, because suitcases are not suitable for road transportation.
What happens if I'm not home during collection/delivery?

Collection problem/cancelled

If you are not at the collection address during collection day, courier will update status to "Collection problem" which means, that he will try to reach you next working day, or you should write us to arrange new collection date.
In some countries, courier tries to collect only one time, and after unsuccessful attempt, status will be updated to "Collection cancelled", which indicated collection process being cancelled. In this case, money paid for transportation will be refunded back to your balance, to order again on most suitable date, or you can ask for a full refund to your payment card.

Delivery Problem

In the event our driver finds no one is available at the delivery address, your parcel can be left with a neighbour, taken to the local post office/parcel shop for you to collect or returned to depot, and courier will try to deliver the parcel again next working day. If the parcel was delivered to neighbour or post office/parcel shop, a notification note will be left at the delivery address.
What is the maximum dimensions per parcel?
Maximum dimensions per parcels side (parcel with dimensions 80x60x200 is not possible) may vary due to different rules of our partners, but majorities maximum dimensions per parcel side is:
 Weight Width Height Length Combined length and girth*
 50 kg  80 cm  60 cm  200 cm  300 cm

* Length+girth calculation formula: Length+(Width*2)+(Height*2)

Please click here to check what is the maximum dimensions from your country.

Can I change a pick up or delivery address after I placed an order?
You cannot change the order which is already submitted.
If your order details have changed, you should cancel the order prior to pick up date and place a new order.
Or please contact customer service, they we will be more than happy to help you.
Can I ship alcohol and cigarettes?
Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited goods and cannot be transported via Ecoparcel.
If the shipper decides to send alcohol or tobacco anyway, he accepts that he is fully responsible for any damage which might occur during transportation.
Please, be noted that claims for damages of the parcels containing tobacco or alcohol are not accepted.
Collection was done, but there are no status about it?
Depends on the country where collection was made, but if there is no status after collection "Collection done" status will appear once courier comes to depot.
If there are no status for 24 hours, please contact customer service.
How can I get a refund?
If you want to receive money back to your credit/debit card, please contact customer service.
Money will be refunded immediately.

Please note: You can not refund cash-back or any bonus money to your credit/debit card, as this is a discount for your future orders.
Order was canceled
Order might be canceled due to various reasons, for example:
  • Address is incorrect.
  • Courier tried to collect, but shipper was absent.
  • Parcel does not meet terms and conditions.

In this case money will be refunded to your balance (not credit card) to reorder with more specified details.
If you want to receive money back to your credit/debit card, please contact customer service.
What is a chargeable weight?
The chargeable weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package.
A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight.
The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

More information about chargeable weight.
Where can I find my old orders?
All previously placed orders in old Ecoparcel website were not transferred here. The new platform is totally different and we were unable to transfer old orders. But you may always access the old version of Ecoparcel. Old Ecoparcel will be accessible unlimited period using this address: http://old.ecoparcel.eu
Where is my remaining balance?
New Ecoparcel website is using a totally different platform and we were unable to transfer all user's balance records. If you had a remaining balance on old Ecoparcel website you should contact customer support by filling this form. Please provide us your email address and remaining balance with your enquiry.
You can still login to previous version of website http://old.ecoparcel.eu
Will my parcels be fully insured?
Standard insurance may be up to 300 Euros per parcel for free.
To receive full compensation, receipts/documents which prove value of belongings has to be supplied.
If the parcel was damaged, in addition, photos of damaged belongings has to be supplied.

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