Seur: Parcel Delivery and Parcel Tracking


SEUR is a part of the global courier company DPD along with Colissimo, BRT and Chronopost. Delivery company leads in Spain with their express couriers, guaranteeing fast & reliable delivery throughout the country and in other countries worldwide. With over 8 000 employees, SEUR parcel delivery company satisfies the needs of more than 1 million customers in and outside Europe.

Courier SEUR

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Trusted Partner For Your Parcel Delivery

SEUR offers uncompromised parcel delivery for both private and business senders. With over 75 years of experience in international parcel delivery, SEUR and other DPD partners guarantee that your parcel is delivered fast and safely.

DPD-owned courier delivery company has a large fleet of 4 700 vehicles and more than 2 300 warehouses worldwide. SEUR extremely cares about environmental causes. To make its imprint less significant, company expands its fleet with ecological cars.

SEUR is constantly working on maintaining excellent service and has developed unique solutions, including AI-powered parcel tracking, to stay ahead of the competition.

Tracking Your SEUR Parcel

SEUR and partners offer parcel delivery to the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally. EcoParcel offers you an easy way to keep track of your parcel delivery. All you have to do is enter the parcel tracking number, order or parcel ID in EcoTrack tracking system.

Find your tracking information in the “My Orders” section, enter the SEUR tracking number, and the system will automatically find the current status of the parcel delivery.

There are a few SEUR parcel delivery statuses:

  • In warehouse means that the parcel is in the company’s warehouses from which it will be sent to its destination country.
  • In transit identifies that the parcel has been shipped but is still in transit.
  • On the way, informs about internal management before the final delivery.

The assigned SEUR courier partner will contact the receiver before delivering the parcel and inform about the approximate time of the delivery. If there are any SEUR parcel tracking or delivery issues, do not hesitate to contact EcoParcel customer service or view Help Center for more information.

SEUR Parcel Tracking & Delivery

The parcel delivery time depends on the country of origin and where it has to be delivered. Typically, international SEUR express delivery takes about 2-3 business days. However, to get a more accurate delivery time, we recommend getting a quote using EcoParcel. By ordering parcel delivery using EcoParcel system, you will see the approximate parcel collection & delivery time and ensure that you get only the best available delivery offer.

As SEUR is a part of the international DPD group, parcel delivery company offers delivery a wide range of alternatives that allow you to postpone the delivery if you are unavailable within the scheduled delivery time. SEUR Courier can leave your package with a neighbor, at a safe place, parcel locker or even have it delivered to a nearby collection point for you to pick it up later.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Parcel With SEUR?

SEUR parcel delivery prices may vary according to the origin and destination countries of the shipping. It will also depend on the dimensions, weight and urgency of the delivery.

If you are looking to send a parcel with SEUR, we recommend getting a quote using EcoParcel. Our courier partners will guarantee only the best parcel delivery options, time & price in mind.

By choosing the parcel delivery with EcoParcel, you will always have the option to track your parcel’s route using an easy, one-click parcel tracking system.