Omniva: Tracking and Cheap Parcel Delivery


Omniva is one of the largest delivery and logistics companies founded in Estonia that shortly after expanded to other countries across Europe and the rest of the world. The company aims to introduce a brand new, innovative postal service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive parcels quickly and conveniently.

The company offers a wide range of delivery services, including a unique Omniva Parcel Locker, where users can send and receive parcels 24/7.

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Omniva Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Send a Parcel?

Like other postal services, Omniva prices may vary depending on the destination country, delivery option and parcel type. Omniva prices are very competitive, especially for domestic parcels using a Parcel Locker. Prices start from only €2.69 and the parcel itself can be delivered within 1-3 working days. Omniva prices also depend on where you're sending your parcel, whether it's from one city to another or between the Baltic countries where the Parcel Locker system applies.

Omniva also offers discounts for business clients and interfaces for the most popular eCommerce platforms, including PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart.

Omniva Tracking

Both private users and businesses can use Omniva parcel tracking system. The system allows to track sent parcels, their current delivery status and expected delivery date.

To track the parcel, the user has to enter a unique 13 digits code issued once the package is in dispatch, such as “CE123456789EE”. Omniva tracking numbers are created by the system automatically after finishing payment procedures and are sent directly to both the sender and receiver by email, text message, or through the company’s mobile application.

Omniva Tracking can be used to track any shipment. Using the Omniva Tracking feature, the sender can see every stop where the courier carrying the shipment has stopped, know to which depot their shipment has been taken, and see the estimated time of delivery.

Omniva Parcel Locker — send and receive parcels 24/7

Omniva parcel locker is a unique delivery method that allows private and business customers to save time and money. Omniva parcel locker allows storing the parcel for up to 7 days, sending and receiving the deliveries 24/7, every day. This eliminates the need to wait for the courier pick-up or going to the post office, making Omniva parcel locker a perfect postal service for busy people.

Omniva self-service allows private and business customers to easily order delivery services, including Omniva parcel lockers. An easy-to-use portal eliminates the complexity and lets customers pay for delivery services, browse previous orders and create parcel delivery labels, all in one place.

There are three sizes of lockers:

  • S — 8 x 38 x 64, not less than 2 x 9 x 14.
  • M — 19 x 38 x 64.
  • L — 41 x 38 x 64.

Omniva Postcode Search

Innovative parcel delivery company allows private and business customers to use convenient postcode search tool.

The system automatically presents the location’s postcode once the user enters the exact address where the parcel needs to be delivered. In addition, Omniva postcode search tool also shows all of the remaining components of the address, which provided on the package, will ensure timely delivery of parcel or letter.

Things to know before sending a parcel with Omniva

There are a few key tips every sender and parcel receiver should remember:

  • Omniva parcel lockers can only be accessed 24/7 if it is located outside of the buildings. If the parcel locker the client has chosen is located inside the building, it will only be available during the premises working hours.
  • Sending a parcel from Omniva parcel locker to another parcel locker – is the cheapest shipping option.
  • The delivery option with Omniva parcel locker can only be paid by card when sending, collecting the parcel or pre-paid in the self-service portal.
  • Only one parcel can be put into one locker, even if there is room for a few more. That’s why it’s highly recommended to put the parcel in the most optimal space.

Send parcel with Omniva

  • Courier from Spain
  • Send from Italy
  • Parcel from Ireland
  • Courier from Germany
  • Courier from France
  • Sending from Hungary
  • Courier from Denmark
  • Sending from Sweden
  • Pack from Netherlands
  • Package from Romania

Send parcel with Omniva

  • Courier from Belgium
  • Send from Slovakia
  • Parcel from Czech Republic
  • Courier from Slovakia
  • Courier from Slovenia
  • Sending from Croatia
  • Courier from Finland
  • Sending from Austria
  • Parcels from Lithuania
  • Parcels from Latvia