LP Express: Tracking and Cheap Parcel Delivery


LP Express is a government-owned Lithuanian fast delivery service that allows private and business clients to send or receive parcels in Lithuania and the rest of the world. LP Express offers multiple delivery services, including a well-developed parcel locker infrastructure of 124 terminals in 46 cities.

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LP Express: Send Parcel in Europe

Although LP Express delivers parcels to almost any country in the world, there are some restrictions on parcel dimensions and weight.

Using courier delivery service within Lithuania, the smallest parcel dimensions can be 9 cm x 14 cm x 0,2 cm. The largest available package size is 150 cm in any dimension and 300 cm in the sum of its three dimensions.

If the parcel needs to be delivered outside Lithuania, the maximum length of the parcel should not exceed 150cm. LP Express international shipments can weigh up to 30 kg. However, some countries apply individual restrictions when it comes to package dimensions and weight.

There are restrictions for specific items that apply nationwide and in other countries. Before ordering a delivery service, customers should check the particular country restrictions:

  • Aerosols
  • Gas balloons
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Food supplements and other perishable materials
  • Drugs and other illegal items
  • Fireworks and explosives
  • Medicines
  • Batteries that are classified as dangerous goods, used batteries
  • Various magnetized materials
  • Poisons, toxic liquids, solids and gases

LP Express Prices

Most of the time, the parcel delivery price depends on the weight and dimensions of the parcel and what type of delivery you choose. To get an exact price of parcel delivery, customers can use the LP Express self-service system. After signing up, users can enter the information about parcels, choose the preferred delivery type — courier, parcel locker or postal office. Once selected, the system will automatically calculate the price and will showcase the best shipping option available. The parcel tracking service is usually free: you can track your shipment for free on the Ecoparcel website.

LP Express Tracking

All the parcels sent using Ecoparcel service can easily be tracked using the built-in system. Users can enter delivery company issued tracking numbers, Parcel ID, Order ID, that can be found in the “My Orders” section once logged in.

If you are an eCommerce business client and use delivery services daily, Ecoparcel offers a custom-branded tracking system that can be integrated directly into the business website, featuring the company’s logo and business promotions. This way, the business will offer its customers fast, real-time LP Express tracking that can be accessed directly on its website.

In addition, Lp Express parcel delivery service LP Express offers parcel tracking service. However, users can only track their LP Express parcel status once it’s fully paid and collected by the courier, post office, or left in the parcel locker.

LP Express Postcode Finder

Customers can find the exact address postcode using LP Express postcode finder system. Delivery partners like Ecoparcel automatically gather shipping information, including postcode, when the user is ordering parcel delivery service. It is advisable to double-check the postcode each time entering it to make sure that it is entered correctly. Correct entry of pick-up and delivery addresses and postcodes will ensure that the parcel, which can be tracked with the parcel tracking feature, will arrive at the correct address and will not be lost during its journey.

How long does LP Express delivery take?

Parcel delivery of LP express depends on the destination country, address, postcode and the chosen shipping option. Parcel delivery within Lithuania or from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia takes 1-3 business days. Other European countries 3-7 business days and outside Europe from 5 to 19 working days. When you order a parcel service, it is always possible to track the journey of the parcel using the parcel LP Express Tracking Tool, which is offered free of charge by both LP Express and Ecoparcel.

It’s important to remember that delivery might take longer due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and warehouse overloads. However, delivery companies are doing their best to ensure that the parcel arrives in time.

Customers can approximately view how long the shipping will take if the user is ordering LP Express parcel delivery through the Ecoparcel system or tracking the parcel throughout the entire time of delivery.