Delamode: European pallet and freight forwarding


Delamode offers professional freight and parcel delivery services throughout Europe. When you choose Delamode, you can be sure that your cargo will reach its destination quickly, safely and at the best price.

Send pallets, full or partial loads from A to B at the touch of a button. Delamode boasts well-developed logistics in the Baltic States and a reliable network of partners across Europe, allowing you to deliver your shipments to the optimal route within 24-48 hours.

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Delamode - reliable palletisation and freight forwarding in Europe

Delamode is able to flexibly adapt to each customer's needs and offer simple yet efficient freight solutions.

Delamode is one of the members of the Xpediator PLC group of international freight forwarders. The company has been considered a market leader in Eastern Europe for more than 30 years. Its team of more than 600 professionals is ready to offer private and corporate clients a unique experience in worldwide freight transport.

Delamode's technologically advanced logistics enables it to provide the highest quality services - air, sea and land freight.

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Full loads, partial loads or pallets - Delamode's core business

Although Delamode offers an extremely wide range of services, the transport of partial loads and pallets is its core business. Delamode's well-developed logistics allows it to provide small consignments, pallet, full and partial loads, as well as Express local freight services at competitive prices.

Whether you're transporting pallets or multiple loads, Delamode's team of professionals will make sure that your goods are delivered safely and on time to any European country.

For more than 30 years, Delamode has been used by over 12,000 customers from many countries.

Which pallets can I ship with Delamode?

When shipping pallets, it is important to know that pallets are divided into standard and special pallets. Standard pallets (Euro pallets) can be flat or space pallets with walls or stands.

Spatial pallets are divided into box pallets and stand pallets. Box pallets must have a lid. Rack pallets shall have fixed or removable stands.

The dimensions and weights of pallets allowed for transport may vary. This depends on the country of the consignor and the country of destination. For more precise information on the permitted weights and dimensions of pallets, please fill in the EcoParcel Shipper Card.

Transporting pallets and freight with Delamode - how do I prepare my parcel correctly?

To make sure your pallets or partial loads arrive safely at their destination, you need to pack them securely.

When shipping pallets, make sure that the stacked packages are rigid and will not fall over or get crushed during transport. You can ensure maximum security by using elastic film and other protective materials such as foam.

It is important that pallets or partial loads have a smooth surface ready for shipment. The loads are stacked on top of each other during transport.

Delamode recommends making sure that, once the load is ready, the courier is able to load the pallets or loads comfortably onto the truck.

Delamode's professionals will take care of the intermediate unloading, customs services and logistics.

How do I find out the exact price of a pallet or freight shipment?

To find out the price of your shipment, use EcoParcel's simple parcel order form. By entering the dimensions, weight, shipper and consignee countries, you will get the best offer from EcoParcel's partners in terms of time and price.

Wide range of Delamode services

Delamode provides its services directly in Europe, the UK and the CIS, but Xpediator PLC's time-tested network of partners allows for fast and safe delivery of all types of cargo worldwide.

All Delamode services:

  • Full and partial cargo and logistics in the Baltics, Europe, Russia and CIS countries;
  • Less-than-truckload transport;
  • Local transport;
  • Warehousing and local logistics;
  • Customs brokerage;
  • Removal services;
  • Oversized freight transport;