Why do people prefer sending parcels via courier?

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Written by Ecoparcel February 11, 2021

Shipping as a service has been growing in popularity more and more in recent years. As a result of this, not only many different companies emerged, the ways to send out a package have as well.

In particular, people are keen on utilizing parcel deliveries with the help of courier firms. You may be asking, why is that exactly?

Well, today, we'll try to answer this question by talking about how a parcel delivery service presents many advantages to the customer.

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Service availability

Unlike regular postal delivery, parcel couriers offer much higher availability of their services, You can order and send anything you want even at times of high demand like the holiday season, be it locally or internationally.

This is far more convenient for both the sender and the recipients are deliveries get shipped out and delivered much faster.

Ability to track

Many courier companies these (including us at EcoParcel) offer all of our clients the ability to monitor their package 24/7 from the day it's picked up by the courier, to the day it reaches the destination address.

No matter where a person is or what time of day is it, all you have to do is enter the tracking number by visiting our website, and you'll see that latest info on your delivery status. A number of couriers offer a similar ability for their to check-up on a delivery and be prepared for the estimated delivery time or get informed in case there are some delays.


One particular feature of parcel delivery services via courier that customers really enjoy is the directness of the approach. Couriers both pick up the package as well deliver it by hand and get the recipients to sign as proof of successful delivery.

Even if for some reason the package can't be accepted by the recipient, a courier will safely ship it back to the sender address.

Aspect of time

Another major thing that parcel delivery has going for them is the ability to deliver faster and give less delays. If we're talking about an inter-city delivery, most packages can easily be delivered in a single day.

Even if you're sending something on an international level, it's safe to say that couriers will work hard to make sure that your package goes through the most efficient routes requiring less stops on the way to the delivery address.

Some couriers even offer special express delivery options to make everything even quicker, albeit for a bigger price.


If you're sending confidential parcels like important documents, your biggest issue would be security and reliability. This is another aspect in which courier services shine. Since your package will be taken care of much more care, safe delivery is all but guaranteed.

At EcoParcel, we even offer additional insurance for people that are sending parcels of increased value. This makes the delivery service even more appealing for clients.

All in all

We've discussed the main reasons why parcel delivery via courier is so advantageous for people. Few other shipping methods can offer such care, safety and making sure that your parcel gets to where it's supposed to be going.


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