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Written by Ecoparcel February 11, 2021

Most people understand how courier delivery services work. 

Whether we’re talking about groceries coming to our doorstep from a local shop or goods being delivered to us from another country, it’s a fact, that such services are growing more and more in terms of popularity.

But what if there were an even more efficient and cheaper way for goods to be sent in and out? 

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Introducing, drop-off deliveries, which is a new approach to delivery of goods. In this article, we  will talk about this delivery type more in-depth as well as talk about what we at Ecoparcel can offer for clients.

Ecoparcel drop-off delivery services

Here’s how standard drop-off delivery services work. After a person drops off their parcel at a certain location, a courier then collects it. After that, the parcel you’ve sent out will go through a network of couriers until it reaches your shipment address.

Before requesting a quote from a company, you can select that either delivers it to the person door-to-door or select a cheaper option, which involves the recipient collecting the parcel from a drop-off location themselves.

At Ecoparcel, we work with a chain of trusted partners all-across Europe, which can guarantee the best and most convenient delivery option for shipments from one country to another. All you need basically  is to find the best offer that suits your needs from one of our partners.

How can you drop-off a parcel?

Here’s the whole parcel drop-off process:

  • Package your item - the first thing you need to do is securely package your item. Make sure nothing is loose inside that can get damaged.
  • Measure your parcel - weighing your item is another step you should, as this info will be necessary.
  • Entering information - afterwards, you need to enter the necessary details for your shipments. This includes all vital information like phone numbers, addresses, measurements and so on.
  • Choosing an offer - from our website, you’ll see a list of offers from our courier partners. Choose the best one that fits your needs.
  • Tracking your shipment - after you place an order, you’ll receive a number which you can use to track your parcel until it arrives at its final destination.

The benefits of choosing a drop-off delivery option

While there are many benefits to drop-off deliveries, we believe that these ones are the most important.

Allows you to save money - drop-off options are cheaper than other delivery options, which can give your more flexibility moneywise.

You also save time - it could be argued that drop-off deliveries fit better into our everyday lives. Typically, pick-up points work 7 days a week, which means you can pick it up, when it's best for you.

Simplicity - when a courier picks up a parcel, he or she will simply scan it after pick up, without your need to worry about being at home, when the courier comes to your place. By the way, the drop-off locations are usually located in the most convenient places for customers to send out and receive packages.

All in all

Drop-off delivery is a growing shipping method with obvious benefits. Not only does it save time and money, but it’s also convenient to send and receive items in the most efficient way possible


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