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Written by Ecoparcel May 10, 2021

Sending a parcel to another European country is a great way to deliver something personal for your family members or friends living abroad, or could be the perfect solution for businesses trying to expand themselves on a multinational level.

A good and reliable shipping service can certainly play an important role in many regards, whether its business-oriented shipments, or simple ones on a personal level.

However, what could be considered as the most crucial aspects of a delivery service providing parcel shipments across the old continent?

In this article, we will talk exactly about that - things you should pay attention to as a customer looking for a fast way to get your parcel across to another European country.

Different delivery options

A number of parcel delivery companies to Europe offer their clients the ability to choose the shipping option they’re most comfortable with. Let’s say your priority is to maximize your savings as much as possible and you don’t care about delivery speed that much.

When you’re requesting a quote, you should have the flexibility to choose either a cheap or a more expensive option prioritizing speed of delivery if that’s what you’re after. So, variety is definitely a positive of a company offering european-wide delivery.

Parcel tracking ability

This aspect is arguably more important for businesses that are dependent on a reliable shipping service. The ability to track parcels is pretty much standard in the shipping industry at this point, however, you want to make sure that you can easily access the key updates in no time.

Most delivery companies provide you with a tracking number which you can easily enter into their website and see the status of your shipment. This way, you get a better perspective of long will it take for a delivery to be complete.


Another important and perhaps underrated aspect is the reputation of the delivery service itself. A good way to gain some insight of how well a company treats their clients and takes care of business, is to pay attention to some independent reviews made by people.

A flashy website or good marketing can give you an illusion with the best of the best. However, honest opinions from customers can certainly paint a clearer picture whether that exact company is really good for you.

General flexibility

Again this is more important for businesses that will be doing a number of shipments on a regular basis. A good european-wide service will have either a support member or something that takes care of business deals to ensure a flexible service for business.

So, if you’re looking to send multiple shipments on a regular basis, you should look for a provider that can make sure it's worth your while going with their delivery service. Otherwise, look for alternatives.

All in all

In this article, we’ve emphasized a few aspects you should look out for in a european-wide delivery service provider. These aspects separate the average companies from the very best, so if they can provide in all of these regards, definitely go with them.


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