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Written by Ecoparcel May 29, 2021

Ever encountered a problem where the package that you’re trying to send is simply too large to fit into the regulations? We know that many people have had this issue before, especially businesses, interested in sending products that people ordered from them.

It’s no secret that many shipping companies, as well as the countries themselves in Europe have strict regulations for the size and weight for parcels being sent. If your package is found in violation to these rules, you might find it impossible to send your parcel the way you intended it.

To avoid this, there are a few things you can do before you even begin to pack your item in order to be sent.

Today, we will talk about a few tips on how to package large items more efficiently and safely.

Tip #1 - Split your item into multiple parcels

This is the basic tip that we always give to our clients, regardless of their shipping destination. To put it simply, most EU countries have strict regulations when it comes to the weight of a single parcel, typically amounting to a limit of either 30 or 50 kilograms for one package.

This is done for obvious reasons. Delivery companies have to save space on cargo transport as much as possible in order to take on more deliveries at once. Larger, unusually shaped items take up more space in that regard, which creates a need for regulation.

If you’re sending something that’s larger than, the perfect solution would be to split the parcel up into a few parts. Let’s say you’re sending something that weighs in at 150 kg. Separating the item into five parcels for 30 kg or 3 parcels for 50 kg, makes sure that your item doesn’t violate the weight restrictions.

Tip #2 - Ensure extra protection for the items inside

Heavier items tend to move around more inside as they get loaded and unload across multiple checkup points, which is why extra protective materials might be necessary, especially if there are fragile items inside.

Anything from foam, bubble wrap, shredded cardboard or newspaper can do the right trick for this matter. Another thing you have to do is pick out a sturdy box. Don’t go for anything flimsy, as it would only increase chances of damage.

After placing a nice cushion for your items at the bottom of the box, and placing everything inside, make sure to fill up the rest of the space with protective materials as well for extra safety.

Tip #3 - Reinforce the package with proper tape

Finally, we would recommend focusing your efforts on properly taping your package. While regular tape can work, you might even consider sturdier materials like duct tape to properly secure your box.

You might even want to reinforce the package by applying multiple layers of it. In any case, you should focus on the seams of the box so that it withstands the long journey through multiple loadings and deliveries.

All in all

In this article, we’ve briefly touched upon the topic of how you should send a parcel that’s too big. Apart from splitting it into multiple parts, you should also pay extra attention to the sturdiness of the package itself and ensure the safety of the materials you're sending.


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