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Written by Ecoparcel February 25, 2021

What is supply chain optimisation?

Everyone searches for the best way to complete daily tasks and get their job done faster. There is nothing wrong in wanting to do something easier. The same thing is when you have your online business - there is nothing wrong if you want to make it easier to manage. On the contrary, you must do it to be more efficient. This article is exactly what you need for optimising supply chain in no time.

Supply-chain definition

First, let's define what supply-chain management means. It is a network between a company, and it's suppliers, that produces and distributes their items to the buyer. In other words, this term holds all the steps that each order has to take till it reaches the customer. The whole supply-chain includes different people, entities, activities, information and resources. Supply-chain efficiency depends on how quickly the seller delivers products to the end-user for a low cost.

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How to optimise your supply chain?

As mentioned before, there is always a way to make things better, and your supply chain is not an exception. Here we extracted three main things that will help you in optimising your supply chain.

  • Collaboration

Improve collaboration between different sectors. Most sellers forget how important it is to communicate within different sectors. If you pay enough attention, you might see where the order fulfilment process is stumbling and which business parts need some improvement. You need to work together to achieve the very best results. Check what is going on with inventory, warehouse and shipping management. Maybe the collaboration within those sectors isn't efficient enough? This tip will help you in improving order fulfilment speed, which is essential for optimising your business.

  • Ensure quality

You need to ensure high-quality products. This tip is essential not only because it will help you get more positive feedback from your customers and get good reviews, but it also helps in avoiding returns , which usually creates quite a mess in the whole supply chain. If you guarantee quality from the manufacturing or ordering your items, you might say that one half of the job is done.

  • Use third-party tools

Do not hesitate to use third-party tools for your business optimization. Why try to invent a bike if it is already invented? Many different solutions can make your daily routine much easier. If you use different sales channels - use multi-channel management software, or if you want to control your shipping more comfortably - we know how to make things easier!


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