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Written by Ecoparcel July 01, 2021

Parcel shipping is a massive industry which involves personal and commercial goods traveling from one destination to the other. Sometimes, we don't actually realize what impact effective shipping actually has, since we take most of the products we receive for granted.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common items being shipped to Europe and other continents. You might be surprised by some of these on the list, however, considering how many industries rely on international shipping, the reach is definitely huge.

Anyway, on to the list.

Automotive parts

Regardless of car maker, the automotive industry occupies a place as being one of the involved when it comes to items shipped internationally, especially in Europe.

Considering the fact that most car parts and components are not even produced in the Old Continent, quite often these parcels are shipped from Asia to Europe as well. The same applies for shipping to the States.

This applies for the majority of automobile manufacturers as its much more beneficial to produce everything elsewhere and then ship them to a select destination

Consumer electronics

You probably have wondered about the origin of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even larger items like PCs, TV sets or printers follow the same route of being shipped internationally from the original manufacturing country.

Typically, these are considered to be items of value, so often additional safety measures are required by the shipping companies to ensure that the goods arrive as intended and safely.

As for the type of shipping used for consumer electronics, it seems that sea transportation is becoming the more popular shipping options


Typically, the shipping of pharmaceuticals in most European countries is heavily restricted as special licenses are necessary to send them out to other countries. This applies for everythings from medicinal drugs, supplements and even laboratory equipment.

Thanks to the advances in technology, even the most complicated pharmaceutical shipments can be successfully managed these days. Most medicals require special containers that are at a certain temperature and properly sealed and nowadays planes and ships can be equipped with that.


Another popular item shipped internationally are various types of furniture. This includes everything from seats, tables to beds and so on.

Even if you purchase a set of furniture from a European company, it's very likely that some, if not all of the components are manufactured elsewhere, most likely in Asia.

Here again, the industry is large and efficient shipments are necessary to ensure that the goods arrive as intended.

Non-perishable foods

Lastly, we briefly need to mention the importance of the food industry and its reliance on shipping. Apart from the typical produce, the growth of international non-perishable foods has also been on the rise.

This is particularly true when we consider Asian food products. Most consumers don't want to wait ages for their foods to arrive which is why the parcel shipping industry has risen to tackle the growing demand for non-perishable foods.

The keyword here is „non-perishable“ since most European countries have very strict rules on what type of foods can be imported.

All in all

In this article we've talked about some of the most common types of items shipped internationally. It's fair to say that many industries rely heavily on efficient shipping services and advances in technology have helped to ensure the quality of them.


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