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Written by Ecoparcel February 25, 2021

International Services

International Delivery, or International Shipping, is the term, that is used to explain parcel shipping across two or more different countries, two different addresses, separated by a country border. At first, it might look like international shipping is a long and costly procedure, and because of it, sometimes online businesses decide to refuse to ship abroad. On the contrary, with the right knowledge, this process is easy and quick. To avoid any misunderstandings, we will explain to you how it works , how much it costs and how you have to prepare your parcel for it.

Shipping your parcels abroad

if you decide to ship abroad, you will have to find the right shipping company to do that. Fortunately, most well-known companies do international deliveries, so it won't be the most challenging part of your decision-making process. For instance, DPD, Parcelforce, DB Schenker, Itella, GLS are worth mentioning companies that have a lot of experience with international deliveries.

It is crucial to check a few companies before selecting one because they can offer different shipping rates and delivery speeds. Ecoparcel has a convenient way to manage your parcels with any of these companies. By choosing this service with Ecoparcel, you can stop worrying about missed delivery, as you can easily solve this problem with tour reliable customer service assistance, also it has a shipping rates calculator, that helps a lot in deciding with whom to ship.


Speaking of shipping fees, they mainly depend on which shipping services you use, how much your parcel weighs (since maximum dimentions per parcel depends on the individual requirements of each country), and when do you want it to be delivered. Also, there might be some fees for high-value products, depending on the country where you ship your parcel. Get instant parcel quote here without any misleading calculations.


Another important thing that you need to know before sending parcels abroad is that you need to pay extra attention to the packaging! At first, your package has to be packed securely, because most likely it will go through a few different post offices and plains. Also, it will be touched for multiple times and the packaging might be damaged. Then it has to be labelled with the right postal. If you want to avoid any misunderstandings, you can hire a shipping company that handles packaging as well.

Also think about what contains your parcel. Before sending your parcel abroad, you should check the prohibited and restricted items list. A lot of items are restricted in some countries, so it is better if you check it before someone declines your shipment. Furthermore, if you ever have any doubts about shipping and packaging do not hesitate to contact the preferred shipping company, they will answer all your questions and highlight the best option!


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