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Written by Ecoparcel August 02, 2021

Small businesses arguably play the most important role when it comes to a country's economy. According to official data, in the US for example, 99.7% of the country's workforce is employed by small businesses.

The same small businesses rely heavily on reliable and safe delivery of their packages both within a country and globally. However, these companies are not always in a great position to negotiate, since they have limited resources they can spend on shipping.

In this article, however, we will present a few useful tips on how to get a better contract for your deliveries, especially if it's small packages that you're mostly keen on.

The same principles can be applied if you're a European business as well, so don't run away as you'll also find what to apply for the EU market as well.

Without further adieu, let's begin.

Study the documentation well

Before you sign a delivery contract to a company, study the document line by line. If you have any doubts, or perhaps are confused about what's truly written there, consider hiring a specialist to help get to the bottom of what you're signing up for.

This way, you'll know exactly what you are signing up for, and if the conditions aren't exactly what you need, you might want to switch providers while you can.

Make sure to ask for a discount outright

A contracted client is a valuable client for any delivery business, no matter the size. Just because you're a smaller entity, doesn't mean you should feel that you need to sacrifice your interests and settle for less.

When negotiating, be sure to ask for a discount on certain aspects of delivery or at least ask what conditions can render a discount for your business. If the firm is not willing to go into that direction at all, consider other options.

Contract should include all services

If you're a business that is involved in multiple services, make sure that all of them are listed right there on the contract document. Sometimes delivery companies are trying to play smart and only include some services to apply a discount on.

Multiple niches could mean that your business gets less discounts than others, so be sure that the contract involves everything you work with to avoid any misunderstandings.

Tariffs and other charges can change

Postal delivery services are ever-changing, especially when it comes to pricing. While your goal should be to negotiate what's best for you and your business, carriers often leave themselves the option to change the amount that they charge.

Always keep up to date and make sure that you're spending the right amount for your business.

All in all

In this article, we've given a few small tips on how to negotiate a better parcel delivery contract for your small business. The process of negotiation can be intentionally confusing and frustrating as everyone wants what's better for them.

The key is to always look out for yourself and not to give in for what's not right for your business goals.


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