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Written by Ecoparcel September 06, 2021

When it comes to technologies, new ideas and solutions are seemingly being developed almost everyday. With every industry affected, shipping is no exception.

Just think about it.

Things like shipment tracking, purchases online are now things that we take for granted, but a few years back they were quite the novelty.

However, what's happened has already happened and it's always easier to reflect on the past. What's more fascinating, we reckon, is a deep look at what the future holds us for the shipping industry.

In this article, we will dive into exactly that - a few major upcoming innovations of the shipping industry.

Increased autonomy in delivery

It's no secret that self-driving technology, in the form of autonomous cars, is gaining more and more traction nowadays. Giants like Tesla and even players that weren't previously involved in the auto industry at all like Google and Amazon are weighing in on potential investment options.

This could only mean one potential thing in the future - fully automated deliveries in the long run. Instead of sending out couriers to pick up your package and then deliver it to your house, packages will deliver themselves in a way.

Trucks or vans will simply be loaded up with goods and sent elsewhere, cutting many business costs along the way.

Drones as means of transportation

The usage of drones for delivery may seem like something from a movie set somewhere deep into the future, however, the idea is far more popular these days than it may initially seem.

Experts predict that drone sales will double just by the year 2025 as its market will reach a value of around 2 billion US dollars.

If delivery giants like Amazon will really follow through with their plans, drone delivery will be one of the major changes in the industry without a doubt.

Changing tracking technologies

Tracking tools are pretty much an industry standard nowadays. Anyone that has ordered parcel delivery online or simply bought something online can easily see the status of their delivery simply by entering a code online.

However, these technologies are likely to transform even further as retailers try to optimize the whole delivery process in the future. This is illustrated by predictions that the market for satellite technology will grow in massive numbers by the year 2030.

Some predict that with services that are even better optimized for the courier, one will easily be able to see the exact stop of each courier in real time, while at the same time allowing companies to optimize everything even further.

Journey of a parcel

In a similar vein, advances in technology will provide users with the opportunity to monitor their shipment in real time and check the condition of a parcel. It's no secret that every courier tries to make sure that their clients follow the best packaging practices in order to ensure maximum safety.

New technological solutions should provide access to even more information in terms of deliveries for every client concerned. People should be able to monitor the state and even condition of their parcel at any time they please, and see if anything's been damaged, crushed and so on.

All in all

The shipping industry has always depended on the latest innovations in technology. We reckon that these changes should have a major impact on what's considered standard in the industry and we can't wait to implement them ourselves.


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