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Written by Ecoparcel September 20, 2021

Sending a parcel can sometimes be quite a frustrating experience. Usually, you have to wait for a courier to pick up the item you're trying to send, which involves lots of waiting, or better yet, you have to stand in line at your local post office in order to send something.

Naturally, this is very time consuming for the sender and adds more hassle to the otherwise simple process of sending a package to the desired destination.

To tackle this problem, a fairly new delivery option has come to prominence in recent times - drop-off delivery. In this case, the sender simply leaves their parcel at a pick-up point which makes everything much more convenient for all parties involved.

However, it's logical to think whether or not this delivery option will have a lasting impact on the industry.

We reckon that this will certainly be the case and drop-off deliveries will soon become the standard for any personal or business parcel.

Today, we will give a few tips on how to use drop-off deliveries to maximum effect.

Order your deliveries in advance

Before sending something out, you naturally need to book a pick-up for your delivery beforehand. Nowadays, this is very simple to do as you simply head on to a courier's website and book a pick up from one of their pick up points.

By entering your address and other details, you can then select the pick up point that's the closest to you, which ensures maximum convenience for you as a sender.

You'll need a printer for your labels

Since you're preparing the parcel yourself, you'll need to take care of its packaging and labeling. A printer will be needed to print out your shipment details and attach them to your package. When your package is picked up, the courier will then scan the details to confirm the pick-up.

Consider the size and weight of your item

Your package and its dimensions may influence the pricing for your package delivery as well as whether or not the courier will want to deliver your package. Sure, the maximum weight allowed in the EU, for example, is around 30 to 50 kg depending on the shipper's guidelines.

While more than enough for many, they still should be considered.

Don't wait on the drop-off

The sooner you drop-off your delivery, the better for all parties involved. Since courier's usually pick up parcels everyday, your best bet would be to do everything as soon as possible, to ensure maximum delivery time.

All in all

Today, we've discussed drop-off deliveries and how to maximize their convenience. This new trend is here to stay and we reckon it will heavily change parcel delivery as such.


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