Coronavirus update. Customer information

Last updated 30 April 2020

Shipping is available

Ecoparcel is carefully monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), actively responding and informing customers.
At present, we are still actively providing parcel shipping services to all European countries, our services are operating as normal.

You won't contract coronavirus from a package you receive

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Health Service (NHS) has informed that receiving parcels will not put anyone at risk
of contracting the Coronavirus and it's extremely unlikely that the illness could ever be transmitted this way. Fortunately, based on the latest information,
we can say that this virus does not tend to survive long on the various surfaces, in this case, the boxes or items you send.

Parcel shipping during Coronavirus 

Please note: Until further notice, the maximum weight limit is reduced to 30 kg per parcel throughout the European network due to social distancing policies, as pick-up and delivery of heavier parcels require the assistance of a second person.

Currently, there is no zip code in Europe that is blocked for deliveries or pickups.

Please contact your customers, particularly in the business sector, to make sure that businesses are open and that deliveries are possible prior to shipping. To support a successful delivery, we recommend providing additional contact details such as a phone number. Furthermore, business consignees should highlight in their shop that it is open or that parcels can be delivered.

Signature process: For the time being, obtaining signatures cannot be guaranteed across Europe. Country-specific regulations are in place. However, the full name of the recipient, as well as date and time of delivery, will be provided.


Ecoparcel services

Ecoparcel has many years’ experience of contingency planning for a number of different scenarios. If the situation changes abruptly
after the parcel has left the sender and is stopped during the trip, the shipments will immediately be sent back to the sender. We will work closely
with the relevant authorities and will keep our customers informed of any updates, and in case of risk, these updates will be posted as soon
as they become available.


For more information, please contact directly