provides the booking of delivery services for all types of users. Our services are for users who want to send a parcel at the best price and for partners who want offer delivery services.

How does it work? partners upload their price lists in to the database. If you have some regular traffic in your city or country or some lines are half empty, you just upload your best offers and increase your volume without harming your brand or misleading existing customers. Number of partners is constantly growing, which allows offering the best price for users. When the user wants to send a parcel, we will offer the best price from price lists according to the referred delivery data

Save your time and book a parcel delivery by using our system for your regular parcel shipping.

Benefits for users:

  • totally free registration
  • find the best price and save your money
  • delivery with European Union proved parcel providers
  • create templates for you favorite deliveries
  • create delivery addresses to avoid having to re-enter their details
  • orders history
  • mark the parcel with printed stickers
  • on-line parcel tracking

Benefits for partners:

  • payment right after delivery
  • system be used as regular tool for own business
  • new customers and offers
  • opportunity to upload, edit price lists
  • no investment needed
  • notification about new order via email
  • orders history
  • personal link to your customers
  • display ONLY your rates to customers free service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Address and legal information:

Ecoparcel Europe Limited
Registered Number 08898147
England & Wales
Registered Office 71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ

This is registered address ONLY, no customer service available at this address. Please use online query form for customer service issues.

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